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The Veteran - November Issue

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The veterans newspaper from the Sandbag Times

The Veteran - November

The Veteran In Support of The Tommy Atkins Centre 08 November 2018 THE SANDBAG TIMES WEEKLY NEWSPAPER See Centre Pages From P3 100 Years The Nation Remembers At 1100hrs, Sunday 11th November 2018, the nation will stand still to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. As we are all well aware, this year stands even more poinient as it is 100 years since the end of the First World War, the war that was meant to end wars. History has told a different story as 100 years on the world is still experiencing vicious conflicts and losing so many people as a result. We can only hope that the people of this world will finally see the futility of war and finally put an end to centuries of needless killing. We can but hope. Nevertheless, this Sunday, we all stand together to remember our fallen. It is also an opportunity to remember those that made it home and are now living with the memories of their service, it is a time to remember the injured and also a time to remember those at home who have fought their own wars waiting, caring, mourning and having to battle on. It is also a time of thanks for the free world which we now enjoy. Something which I feel we all take for granted as we walk on through our own everyday lives. But our livestyles are a direct result of the sacrifices that have been made. As Churchill once said “We owe so much...” More on the centre pages. 1

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