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The Sandbag Times - Issue No: 55

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The Veterans Magazine. Airshow special with News, reviews, articles, stories, information and fun.

Mrs Fox Goes To War

Mrs Fox Goes To War The Chronicles of Little Hope 1939 - 1945 Villager of the Month Vera Flynn Vera Flynn had been the choirmistress at St Candida’s since at least 1520 and, quite frankly, helped to put the fear of God into the Rt Rev Aubrey Fishwick on a daily basis. There was little doubt amongst the faithful of Little Hope that if all else failed and Jerry did indeed come mincing up the High Street with a strop on then their choir mistress extraordinaire would soon put a stop to his goose-stepping gallop... Hilda Ffinch The Bird with all the answers Hilda Ffinch, Little Hope’s very own Agony Aunt (page 5 of the Little Hope Herald) was easily bored and terribly rich. She loved nothing better than taking on the problems of others and either sorting them out or claiming that she’d never heard of them if it all went tits up and they had to leave the district under cover of darkness having followed her sage advice. | 44

Mrs Fox Goes to War Letter of the Month Mrs Hilda Ffinch Ffinch Hall Little Hope Yorkshire 6th April 1942 Dear Hilda, Miss Marjorie Scratch 22 Mafeking Terrace Little Hope 7th April 1942 Dear Miss Scratch, My dear girl, please be advised that I have passed your letter on to our local pest control expert Mr Rod Fondler who owns the ‘dead letter box’ and gaily-painted gypsy caravan in Beaver Copse, just off the Bell End Road - as a result of which action I am now living in expectation of a fine new rabbit fur hat (sans the ears, obviously) and gloves,something which I have negotiated with him as my ‘go-between’ payment. Good lord, do you not realise that your little Dorothy is (literally) sittingon a gold mine in these troubled times? You may well – in your naivety - see pesky little bunnies bouncing around all over the place but a host of meat hungry ladies of this parish, heartily sick of rationing, see nothing but a surfeit of rabbit pies with tasty crusts hopping about in your garden and are rendered weak at the knees at the thought of more fur hats and coats We seem to be having a problem with next doors rabbit on account of him making impromptu visits to Dorothy our doe, the poor girl has had four litters in as many months and we are now over run with the little blighters. What should I do, for this can’t go on?! Sincerely, Miss Marjorie Scratch than one could reasonably be expected to shake the proverbial stick at. What the devil do you think Lord Woolton (*swoon*) would say if word were to reach his (terribly handsome) ears in the corridors of power that Miss Marjorie Scratch of Little Hope is being utterly prudish about the sex-life of Dorothy the Debauched Doe? Rabbits, my dear girl, enjoy sex! Might I suggest then, oh naive one, that you allow your rabbits to breed freely and leave the rest to the aforementioned Mr Rod Fondler? He’ll be up your end (of the village) sometime on Thursday and will willingly pop in and let you have a look at his impressive set of snares which are greatly admired locally – a word of warning however - don’t get too close to them yourself as they’re jolly sensitive to the touch and may well go off unexpectedly. Do follow my advice, dear girl, and you’ll be rolling in clover in no time, very likely with Mr Rod Fondler. Yours, Hilda Ffinch The Bird With All The Answers You can catch more of Mrs Fox and Friends at or on Twitter @mrslaviniafox 45 |

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