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The Sandbag Times - Issue No: 55

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The Veterans Magazine. Airshow special with News, reviews, articles, stories, information and fun.


CONT ENTS May 2019 ON THE COVER The RAF Typhoon at RAF Cosford Airshow UK Air Shows 2019 20 SBT Issue 55 News 06 Free Andy Neal The SBT asks it readers to sign petition to free our veteran from Dubai Jail 07 Veterans March Veterans march against decision to charge Soldier over Bloody Sunday 07 Forces Today Understanding of Forces questioned 08 Veteran Mugged 81 year old veteran viciously attacked on way home from pub 08 Red on Red Russian Jet shoots down on of its own in accident Features 12 The Covenant Understanding and getting the best out of it . 18 Woody’s Lodge Lodge given ‘farmily feel in tribute to fallen hero 19 PJ ‘Red’ Riley Kisses from Nimbus featured by pilot - SAS - Spy author. Not to be missed 30 Off The Grid 19 A look at the SBT Patron’s BTCC Championship bid with Team Dynamics as the season goes to Donnington Park Articles 10 Visas Scrapped Calls for the end of visas by MP’s for Commonwealth soldiers. 20 RAF Cosford A look at the forthcoming RAF Cosford Air Show 26 RNAS Yeovilton Looking forward to the Royal Navy International Air Day 2019 28 BTCC All of the very latest from the British Touring Car Championship 48 First Step Forward Project stepping into world of Motor sport Regulars 14 Tommy Atkins All the latest from the SBT’s very own veterans support centre 16 Historical TA Nel Brooks takes over with incredible art and stories. 37 Have Faith Pablo steps in and brings us another spiritual reflection for inspiration. 38 AFVBC Suzanne brings us all the latest from our Veterans Breakfast Clubs 48 Mrs Fox Mrs Fox brings us the gossip in war-time Little Hope. A I a o H n r r M f c F t a n V t a e A s m w m | 04

SBT 6 18 42 44 Word from the Editor recently took stock of what has been ccomplished over the past five years since ur original team produced ‘A Song For A ero’. Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly ot an attempt at self congratulations, it’s just a eflection to establish if we are still on the same oad we started on. y hope for the SBT, was to become a voice or veterans. A place where issues and views ould be aired, not just amongst the Armed orces and Veterans community but also o the outside world especially to those in uthority. I also wanted a platform to collate ews stories concerning Armed Forces and eterans, I wanted a place for veterans to share heir achievements and tell their stories and lso to provide a place for a little fun and light ntertainment. ll in all, I can put my hand on my heart and ay, for the most part, we have succeeded. But any lessons have had to be learnt along the ay. I have personally have had to swallow y pride once or twice and admit errors but through that I have established the one thing I really wanted to achieve. An effective veterans support centre that could help our veterans on site without the need to signpost, or at least reduce the need. What a tough ask. Yet, we stand on the threshold of opening up the first full time Tommy Atkins Centre here in Worcester providing very effective mental health care with a dedicated doctor and psychotherapist, a team of support workers who are constantly learning how to negotiate mountains of red tape, understand the covenant etc in order to deal with issues in office. I do have to say that to get this working has taken all of the very important contacts and friends we have made along the way. If I may be allowed to name a few, FRS, Veterans Raffle, Veterans Awards, Phoenix Heroes, All Call Signs, SSAFA, Combat Stress, AFVBC’s, Matt Neal and Team Dynamics, Breakpoint plus all of the wonderful individuals who contribute to everything we do. Thank you all so much. Editor: Pablo Snow Patron: Matt Neal Honourary Patron: Jacqueline Hurley Additional editors: Kevin Lloyd-Thomas Jane Shields Andrew Hall Julie Warrington Suzanne Fernando Nel Brooks News Media Manager Jim Wilde SBT Radio Manager AJ Vorster Email: Website 05 |

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