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The Sandbag Times Issue No:58

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The Veterans Magazine

Dereck Hardman Thanked

Dereck Hardman Thanked by Theresa May Hull East AFVBC A good 40 veterans and their families attended at the Hull East Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club, along with the new Lord Mayor of Kingston-upon-Hull, the Honourable Steven Williams, who was ‘startled’ to learn of the extent of this organisation. Dereck Hardman RE from Ganstead, the founder and driving force behind the world-wide phenomenon which is the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs, has been recognised by the Prime Minister this morning for his brilliant work with a Points of Light award. In a personal letter to Dereck, Theresa May said: “By founding the Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs you are helping those who, like yourself, have given so much in service to our country. Bringing together our brave veterans creates a sense of community and provides vital support for veterans’ health and wellbeing. You should feel truly proud of your work”. I second May’s sentiments well done Dereck! PAR AFVBC Charlotte Olford from Par AFVBC, shares news of there first birthday: “We organised a festival, this was attended over two days by some 200 people (not bad for a first year) 15 local bands gave their time and sang their hearts out. RBL ,SSAFA, Combat Stress, Veterans In action 6 Rifles and the RAF reserves as well as local cadet forces were in attendance. The event was a huge success and plans are already in place for next year’s event which will be held on 3rd and 4th July 2020 Our Face book page has some amazing reviews The event was supported by Local business, D Day Veteran - St Helens AFVBC Local Veteran Raymond Rush unfortunately had to miss St Helens AFVBC D Day trip as he was in hospital at the time, so the breakfast club came to the rescue by hosting a little party just for Raymond at the hospital. The local press were invited, along with the NHS area manager and administrator who all made a real fuss of there local and much respected hero who had served with the South Lancashire Regiment during WW2. The icing on the top for our Raymond though had to be a lovely letter from none other than HM the Queen, sending her good wishes. (Please see atched photo) On behalf of The Sandbag Times, we’d like to wish Raymond a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing all about his next trip with St Helens AFVBC. Legacy Properties, Speedy hire, Towergate insurance and Tirio Tech to name but a few. The event raised £200 for each of the three charities - (BL, SSAFA, Combat Stress) Friendships were formed that will last a lifetime, as well as a specialreunion for two ladies who were in basic training together 30 years ago! The highlight of the event is not measured in success but for us it is measured in the smiling faces and one member in particular who sadly lost his wife told us that this event had given him the confidence to get back out and meet people again andthathe’d had the best time ever since his wife died. It would be great to see more people next year - Tickets are already on sale.” | 32

AFVBC High Plains (Spain) AFVBC By Esther Navarro Hello, my name is Esther Navarro, and I am founding co-admin for the High Plains (Spain) AFVBC (north Granada province, Spain). I am a civilian, but I have been related to the armed forces my entire life. My father was a career soldier, US Army. I was born and raised on a military base overseas. I grew up in a place where you stopped the car and saluted the flag at sundown. All my friends were army brats, like myself. My dad volunteered to go to Vietnam, and when he came back, he was a different daddy than the one that had gone to war. In those days, children were seen and not heard, and they were never told “adult problems”. So I never understood why my dad was always so angry at me. I grew up first fearing him, then hating him. He passed away years later, from one of the many illnesses the US government denies are war related. To this day, I carry the guilt of not understanding him. Fast forward to 2015, I met my now husband, a RAFP vet and BTP police dog handler. He struggles, and I have learned so much thanks to him. Fate works in strange ways. Living with my husband, I have learned why my father was and did what he did. So as you may understand, the Armed Forces, and especially veterans, are something very dear to me. I love to sit and listen to the banter, the stories, the memories. I am very active in several military charities, and when I heard about the AFVBC, I decided then and there to start one in our area. That is where I am now. We live in a very remote area of southern Spain, with not only ex-pats, but local Spaniard scattered about. I live in a tiny hamlet with about 60 permanent residents, of which, as of today, about 14 are British, and of those, 3 are vets. We can travel for miles just for a coffee, and if the food is good, we may even drive over an hour. We have our regular meetings once a month at our scheduled venue, but we will also be having “roaming breakfasts” in the different towns and hamlets in our area. Hopefully this will help in bringing more men and women out of their caves, and back into the family. 33 |

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