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The Veteran - May Issue

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The newspaper for veterans produced by the Sandbag Times.

The Veteran - May

The Veteran In Support of The Tommy Atkins Centre 18 May 2019 NEWS UPDATE FROM THE SANDBAG TIMES Official Magazine to AFVBC’s NEW DEFENCE SECRETARY CALLS FOR THE END OF VETERANS INVESTIGATIONS Penny Mordaunt vows to end historical allegations by implementing 10 years a ‘Statutory Presumption’ against prosecution Story by SBT Image: Leon Neal/Getty Images The Sandbag Times RAF COSFORD AIR SHOW The 70th Anniversary of NATO Remembered Women in Aviation A Celebration of Women in Aviation and Military History Plus All The Latest Armed Forces & Veterans News Proud Sponsors of The Veterans Awards RAF Cosford Air Show Download your free copy of the RAF Cosford- Air Show Special BTCC Latest News SBT Reports 7 Mrs Fox Goes To War The new Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt has vowed to end the "chilling" repeated investigations into alleged historical offences by veterans who served in Northern Ireland. The statement comes just days after Plymouth MP and exarmy captain withdrew his support for the Conservative party over the prosecution of Soldier ‘F’who has been charged over the Bloody Sunday killings. The new Defence Secretary has said she intends to create and implement a Statutory Presumption which means veterans are protected from prosecution after 10 years after events. Ms Mordaunt, who recently took over the role of Defence Secretary from Gavin Williamson has said that she intends to strengthen the legal protection for veterans from prosecution from allegations whilst serving on operations which includes the Northern Ireland conflict. The move has been supported by the Prime Minister who said that the move should end an "industry of vexatious claims" which also included Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the move has come up against stiff opposition from Amnesty International and other political parties including Sinn Fein. The SBT Says... This certainly is great news for veterans although opposition is very strong. My mind cannot help wandering back to the Good Friday agreement. One rule for one... If investigations for veterans continue then so should those of IRA actions. 17 Agony Aunt, Hilda Ffinch Answers your Letters Page 17 SUBSCRIBE FREE TO THE SANDBAG TIMES TODAY 1

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