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Inside Scoop 2019

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A current parent perspective on the UK's top schools


INSIDE SCOOP Concord College Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7PF Admissions: 01694 731631 • M|N Day/Full 13-18 As parents, we love: The outstanding academic support and achievement. Pastoral care and safeguarding of the students is outstanding. Concord advocates inclusion for all students from around the globe. The Inside Scoop from a current parent… After my daughter’s initial visit she couldn’t wait to be a part of something she called “very special”. The school advocates academic excellence and continually strives to attain this through on-going assessment and support and indeed does this remarkably well. Achieving much more it also creates a sense of community somewhere where young people can have fun and aspire to become whatever their heart desires with confidence and self-belief. Staff genuinely care and take an interest in the lives of our young people, encouraging kindness and integrity. The holistic approach, ensures that the students’ wellbeing is paramount, and offers opportunities to students from a variety of upbringings, without discrimination. Our children love: Unlocking my full academic potential with kind, supportive teachers who are amazing. Meeting such a variety of different people from different places and cultures. A very friendly and stimulating atmosphere, Concord is awesome! HEADS UP “We are an international community committed to high academic standards, dedication and respect in a safe, vibrant and friendly environment where students can fulfil their potential. Students are expected to behave with kindness in a way that promotes harmony, decency and trust.” Neil Hawkins, Principal Open days: Every day is an Open Day at Concord, please get in touch to find out more. 24 Read the full review on ★ 2019

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