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Inside Scoop 2019

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A current parent perspective on the UK's top schools


INSIDE SCOOP he uniue enets of BRITISH boarding Fans of Harry Potter probably imagine life at British boarding schools as swirling gothic spires, with young wizards battling it out on broomsticks. Robin Fletcher, CEO of the Boarding Schools’ Association separates the fantasy from the reality Hogwarts Some of this picture is not a million miles from the truth (apart from the wizards, of course!), because there are many British boarding schools that look a bit like Hogwarts or have breath-taking ocean views. The operative word here is ‘many’ because there are more than 500 UK boarding schools, making it one of the largest boarding markets in the world. And with quantity comes choice, whether that’s by size or type of school or just location. There are 75,000 boarding students in the UK aged seven to 19. The smallest schools have just a handful of boarders while at the other end of the scale there are some with more than 1,000. Junior (or ‘prep’) boarding schools generally cater for those up to the age of 11 or 13, senior schools from 11 or 13 to 18, and ‘sixth form’ boarding schools aged 16 to 18 or 19. Some schools are ‘all through’ catering for boarders from the age of seven right through to 18 or 19, while some are standalone, catering for more narrow age ranges. Many UK boarding schools today are co-educational, but there are still schools just for boys or girls, and some which are co-ed at junior or sixth form level, but single sex between 11 and 16 to allow students to study without distraction! The final piece of the jigsaw is location. There are UK boarding schools in the heart of London and in tiny villages. There are schools in seaside towns, in the wilds of Scotland, in Northern Ireland, Wales and in every county of England. Surrey alone, which is very close to London, has more than 30 boarding schools while Scotland has fewer than 20. Different schools suit different people. Some students love the busyness of city or town life, while others prefer the slower pace and better views that come with studying in the rolling countryside. The unique educational experience provided by a British boarding school affords modern families with a topquality education and a flexible solution to family life. Academic achievements are fundamental in this fast-changing, global working world, but the ‘extras’ are what really make a boarding school experience count. The boarding culture fosters meaningful relationships with peers and house staff enabling pupils to gain independence and experience a breadth of opportunities. Each school will have its own specialism and cater for a variety of children but what all will have in common is their care for each individual child. At the heart of every boarding school is the philosophy to ensure that each child is happy, thrives and succeeds, whatever their interests or talents. Whether on the sports field, the concert hall or in the classroom you can be certain 60 ★ 2019

“At the heart of every boarding school is the philosophy to ensure that each child is happy, thrives and succeeds, whatever their interests or talents.”