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Inside Scoop 2019

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A current parent perspective on the UK's top schools


INSIDE SCOOP Oakham School Chapel Close, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6DT Admissions: 01572 758758 • M|N Day/Flexi/Full 10-18 The Inside Scoop from a current parent… I chose Oakham School for my children primarily for the small class sizes and the family atmosphere. Oakham School’s two greatest strengths are its ethos and its staff. The school offers so many ways for children to develop as individuals beyond the classroom; it isn’t just an exams factory where getting an A* is the be all and end all. I have three children with very different personalities and interests but I am confident that Oakham will bring out the best in each of them. I think the staff are extremely caring and supportive of the children; the teachers do so much more than just teach their subject. As a result my children have developed the confidence to try new things and just ‘have a go’ which is so refreshing to witness as a parent. As parents, we love: The many caring and supportive staff at all levels of the school. The hugely friendly House atmosphere gives us a real sense of community. The many diverse opportunities on offer - the children are SO lucky! Our children love: The amazing school food, loved by all, obviously! All the friends that they have made in House and beyond. The opportunity to experience so many different things via the clubs and activities. HEADS UP “At Oakham School education takes place both in and outside of the classroom. Examination results do matter, but our core purpose is to support our children to be healthy and happy and offer them an all-round education. ” Henry Price, Headmaster (from September 2019) Open days: Please visit our website for more information. 64 Read the full review on ★ 2019

INSIDE SCOOP Pangbourne College Pangbourne, Reading, Berkshire, RG8 8LA Admissions: 0118 976 7415 • Day/Flexi/Weekly/Full 11-18 The Inside Scoop from a current parent… We chose Pangbourne because of its community and family feel and for the individual care that each child receives. It’s been brilliant for both our very different children: one started off shy and unsure of himself, he’s more of an introspective artist. The other is outgoing and sporty but with a short attention span. The teachers and systems at the College have been excellent at getting the best out of both boys, academically, socially and in terms of their emotional development. The College has a set of Flag Values and we feel like they really work hard to instill these in all students. They have taught our children to be resilient, kind, hardworking, socially confident young adults who care about others and the world around them. SE As parents, we love: The individual attention is outstanding: staff know and try to bring out the best in each child. The community atmosphere. It’s like a family. The small size. This might be constricting in real life but in a school, with the kids still finding their feet, it’s a really supportive atmosphere. Our children love: The family atmosphere and boarding; they even say the food is pretty good! The lifelong friendships they are making and the good relationships with their teachers. That they can be themselves and the space for their own individual interests. HEADS UP “Pangbourne is a place where the individual matters. We are committed to the personal development of our pupils in the fullest sense. They are encouraged to work hard towards academic success but just as important is the development of their characters” Thomas Garnier, Headmaster Open days: 21st September 2019. 2019 ★ Read the full review on 65