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Spring Edition 2019

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Bear Grylls, Ben Fogle, Louise Minchin & Cressida Cowell all contribute to this packed edition on the wonders of the great outdoors! Win a family holiday to Forte Village, Sardinia and join our Holland & Holland school clay tournament. It's our best issue yet!!


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PROFILE “If there’s one message I’d like to pass on it’s that you don’t need to be an adventurous child to be a confident and adventurous adult” place, and have a lot of fun and adventure”. To this end she quit her job in 2003 and spent three months travelling around Peru. Seeing receding glaciers at first hand brought an environmental epiphany. Desperate to raise awareness of climate change Roz’s ideas “bumped into each other” when she became friends with, “A guy who had rowed across the Atlantic with his mother, and I realised you didn’t need a big bushy beard to have an adventure”. Roz decided rowing solo across oceans would give her the experiences she needed to raise environmental awareness through blogs, talks and further books. Roz’s first solo, self-powered ocean voyage took over a year of planning. New to adventure, she managed her fear by “planning the heck out of it”. Excel spreadsheets tracked everything she ate and drank, her exercise and heart rate. Was it time well spent? “Probably not, in practical terms, but I wanted to do everything as professionally as humanly possible, to build the belief that I could actually do this. But I don’t think anything can prepare you for spending months alone at sea”. Roz had to be self-reliant for each of her three ocean crossings. Food was planned in terms of calories per cubic cm with freeze-dried meals, nuts, and beansprout seeds to grow. “After crossing the Atlantic I ended up addicted to sugar. It’s fine to eat sugary snacks when you need 5,000 calories a day, but after losing two stone while at sea I put it all back on, and then some, on dry land!” Her Atlantic music playlist also went awry. Electronics were solar powered and there wasn’t enough sunshine during the first month for anything but essentials – water purification and GPS satellite. After a month of silence there were two sunny days of music and then the stereo abruptly stopped: it had rusted in the hostile sea salt environment. But this was nothing compared to what else nature threw at her. “It was brutal. 2005-2006 was the roughest year ever for storms, which included Hurricane Katrina. Never mind getting into the smooth, meditative rhythm I’d imagined. I was terrified. It took weeks to believe the boat wasn’t going to break up.” The physical environment was testing, and the mental landscape even worse: “I suffered ›› Machu Picchu, Peru 2003 RECORDBREAKER Roz currently holds the following four world records: 1 2 3 4 Longest ocean row by a female solo 154 days, finished Oct 2011 First female to row the Pacific ocean solo Finished June 2010 Most days at sea by a female ocean rower 510 days by Oct 2011 First female to row three different oceans 2005-06 Atlantic, 2008-2010 Pacific, 2011 Indian SPRI NG 19 ★ 19