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Spring Edition 2019

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Bear Grylls, Ben Fogle, Louise Minchin & Cressida Cowell all contribute to this packed edition on the wonders of the great outdoors! Win a family holiday to Forte Village, Sardinia and join our Holland & Holland school clay tournament. It's our best issue yet!!

Castaway KING

Castaway KING Award-winning broadcaster, adventurer, author and UN Patron of the Wilderness, Ben Fogle is a national treasure. We speak to Ben, alumnus of Bryanston School, about how it all began… Tell us about your time at Bryanston and did it impact on your future career? Bryanston gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. I wasn’t sporty or academic but Bryanston gave me the chance to be who I am, not what the state wants me to be. Were your school days happy? I was desperately homesick for the first year, debilitatingly so, but I persevered with the help of my housemaster Mr Long. It turned into the best experience of my life. I loved it. My Bryanston friends are still some of my closest friends. Have you always loved nature and animals? Being the son of a vet, instilled a love of animals and summers spent in Canada created a passion for the wilderness. Is there one person in your life who has inspired you the most? My parents are my greatest role models. My mother has worked hard all her life as an actress and has a great work ethic. My father too has worked all his life caring for animals. What made you decide to do Castaway 2000? I was looking for adventure. I had just graduated from university and I was still living at home. I loved the idea of living as Robinson Crusoe for a whole year. It seemed like the most amazing opportunity. What was the hardest part of being on Taransay? Being cut off from the rest of the world. We had no phones, emails or visitors. It was hard being away from friends and family. What was the lowest moment of your many great adventures? I’ve had plenty of tough moments. The time we ›› Crossing the deserts of the Empty Quarter in the Middle East. Left: Ben with his father.