10 months ago

Spring/Summer 2020

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In this edition we’ve gone Sport mad! To kick off we have inspirational interviews with Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Frankie Dettori. Nutrition advice from Arsenal’s James Collins and we go behind the microphone with Gabby Logan. We learn what it takes to get to the top from the next generation of sporting super stars. Along with holiday competitions, top beauty picks we have it all. Come and join our FREE club – the one-stop-shop for everything to do with ‘school and parent life’.

Second Service Dogged,

Second Service Dogged, dedicated and determined to succeed against sometimes overwhelming odds, Sir Andy Murray OBE overcame injury and major surgery to bounce back onto the international circuit in 2019. This year brings a return to the tour – can he make this the year for his third Wimbledon title? When did you first start playing tennis? I was three years old when I started playing tennis. My mum used to take me and my brother to the local courts in Dunblane. Why did you choose tennis? My mum played professionally when she was younger and then became a tennis coach, so I guess it was natural that we would play tennis from an early age. I also played a lot of football and actually got invited to train with Rangers when I was 15, but at that stage I decided I needed to focus on one sport. I was competing by that stage and had started to win a few things, so chose tennis. Who was your inspiration? I used to love watching Andre Agassi when I was a young player. He had his own style in terms of his look and the way he played. How much is talent and how much is hard work? I think you have to have some talent to begin with but there is no underestimating how much hard work you need to put in to make it to the top. That’s what makes the difference between good players in any sport and great players. What role did your family play in helping to progress your career? My family have been hugely instrumental in my tennis career. Having Jamie around when I was younger was obviously a big inspiration for me and helped me develop my competitive spirit – it was such a huge goal for me to beat him that it really drove me on when I was younger. My parents have been very supportive all the way through my career, driving me to matches or travelling abroad with me when I was younger, and they still come now and watch my games whenever they can. Obviously Kim has also played a huge role and been a great support to me, particularly in the last couple of years when injury threatened to end my career. ›› AMC is a premium, eco-friendly clothing line developed by Andy Murray and Castore

INTERVIEW “I used to love watching Andre Agassi when I was a young player. He had his own style in terms of his look and the way he played.” SPRING/SUMMER 20 ★ 31