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Spring/Summer 2020

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In this edition we’ve gone Sport mad! To kick off we have inspirational interviews with Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Frankie Dettori. Nutrition advice from Arsenal’s James Collins and we go behind the microphone with Gabby Logan. We learn what it takes to get to the top from the next generation of sporting super stars. Along with holiday competitions, top beauty picks we have it all. Come and join our FREE club – the one-stop-shop for everything to do with ‘school and parent life’.


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INTERVIEW 4 CHARLOTTE LONGDEN Bobsleigh ★ Alumna of Marlborough College PHOTOGRAPHY: ©THOMAS LOVELOCK FOR OISPHOTOS.COM CHARLOTTE’S STATS Age: 17 Sport: Bobsleigh Hobbies and interests: Swimming, netball and occasionally hockey. Sporting heroines: Dina Asher Smith and Katarina Johnson Thompson Greatest sporting achievement to date: Scouted to compete for Team GB in the Youth Winter Olympics Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese and bagels Favourite things to watch/listen to: I like to watch Money Heist and listen to loads of different music Ultimate sporting dream: To go to the summer Olympics or to just compete for GB in athletics Why did you choose Bobsleigh? I was scouted to compete for team GB in the Youth Winter Olympics. I also train and compete for Bath university at regional level for athletics. Which team are you in? I compete for Great Britain for bobsleigh. At what age did you start? When I was 16 about 10 months ago. Does school play a role in your sporting career path? I’m allowed to miss school for training and they organise transport to Bath for athletics as well as offering specialized coaching. How do you combine school work with training? I have meetings with my teachers for lessons missed and I get my catch up work/notes from friends! Where do you train and who is your coach? I train at Bath University, three days a week for 2.5 hours per session and in the gym at Marlborough for the rest of the week. My coach is Julie Alexander. How do you manage pre-race nerves? I think about my race and my approach. I calm my nerves by warming up or talking to my coach. How do you deal with defeat and with victory? I am always happy with victory! When I lose or don’t do as well, I focus on how I slept the night before, if I had something on my mind and try to remember what went wrong so I can correct it in future. What do you hope to achieve in 2020? I’ve just come 12th in the Youth Winter Olympics which was a great start to my year. What advice can you give to others wanting to excel within the world of sport? Don’t give up and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you want it you can have it as long as you are willing to make sacrifices for the sport. What one thing have your learnt along the way? Be organised if you want to do well. Always remember that the only way you can get better is by enjoying it. If you enjoy it, success will come! Are your parents involved and if so how? My parents drive me to competitions and training. SPRING/SUMMER 20 ★ 45