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Spring/Summer 2020

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In this edition we’ve gone Sport mad! To kick off we have inspirational interviews with Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Frankie Dettori. Nutrition advice from Arsenal’s James Collins and we go behind the microphone with Gabby Logan. We learn what it takes to get to the top from the next generation of sporting super stars. Along with holiday competitions, top beauty picks we have it all. Come and join our FREE club – the one-stop-shop for everything to do with ‘school and parent life’.

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INTERVIEW Food for FUEL You are what you eat and with the help of a Performance Nutritionist you can now be the best possible ‘you’. James Collins, a pioneer in his field and consultant to top sporting names talks about the role food plays in taking you to the top of your game What made you decide to become a Performance Nutritionist? When I was at Loughborough University we used to be guinea pigs for our classmates’ research projects - from cycling while dehydrated in heat chambers to repeated sprinting tests to mimic football matches. I was amazed at how differently I felt depending on how fuelled and hydrated I was for these tests – it really brought the science to life – and I wanted to apply this to athletes. Do you need to play sport in order understand the workings of your advice? Not at all. Many of my clients I see in my clinic are corporate executives or even musicians, who have intense demands on both their body and brain during a working week. Many of them aren’t particularly sporty. The key to my work is using nutrition and exercise to help people to perform at their best, both physically and cognitively, whether you’re an Olympic athlete, touring musician or mum of three with a busy working life. How much science is involved? There is a lot of science involved in my role and the need to stay up to date with the latest research. The car and human body is a really good analogy. I work through a process with my clients so that they firstly understand their body (the engine) and the different fuels it requires to function optimally. Once clients understand the core principles then they can apply these to the different situations they face each day until it eventually becomes habit. Who do you currently work for? I’ve previously worked for Arsenal FC, the England and France national football teams and Team GB Olympic teams. I run a London-based consultancy called Intra Performance Group, and have a team of specialists who provide performance services with elite sports teams, people from the entertainment and business world, maintaining a portfolio of Europe’s top talent - so we have lots of variety! I also have a private practice in Harley Street for clients from all walks of life wanting to use food for fuel and to perform at their best. Any funny stories? I need to be careful what I say here… the one that stands out is during my final interview for the Arsenal job with Arsène Wenger. As I was introduced as being an experienced practitioner ›› SPRING/SUMMER 20 ★ 61