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Summer Edition 2019

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INTERVIEW “Don’t assume you can’t do something, assume you can and then find a ay o don t. Clare has two teenage daughters at Marlborough College both of whom love working for the business when time allows. Finding a work/life balance can be hard but Clare will always find three hours a day even on holiday to focus on work. The family love to ski and for Clare, Pilates, yoga, tennis, riding and walking help to counter balance the hectic demands of running a business. “Evenings with girlfriends are also a great antidote to stress!” When asking what advice she has for the next generation wanting a career in fashion, Clare believes it is all about experience and enthusiasm. “Get as many internships as you possibly can working for magazines or in shops, or offices even if you are not paid for it. Some small innovative businesses don’t have the resource for graduate training schemes but can be a great place to learn about the entrepreneurial skills needed to start a business. Bigger organisations can offer experience in specific areas – my advice is get as much experience under your belt as you can – it shows determination and an aptitude for hard work.” Do you need to study a specific subject at school to help progress your career in fashion? “Education should be as broad as you can make it for as long as you can make it. Obviously if you want to go into medicine you have to narrow it down but I would say keep it broad for as long as you can. If you really want to go into fashion prove that you love it more than anything else.” Travel friends: Palazzo Trouser and Cashmere hoodie The brand’s new dress collection is in big demand Looking to the future, we ask Clare how she sees the ME+EM brand developing. “We are best known for our trousers but our dresses are a rapidly growing category for us and there is a big demand for them now as well as for a shoe and a handbag collection. We have plans for the overseas market and are currently looking at America and Germany with digital catalogue acquisitions.” With a flourishing business and family life, we want to know what Clare’s motto for success is and what advice she can give. “I say to my daughters, visualise where you want to go, visualise the end game and just be tenacious about getting there and you can pretty much do what you want! Don’t assume you can’t do something, assume you can and then find a way of doing it.” The sky’s the limit… SUMMER 19 ★ 23