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Summer Edition 2019

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Matching Beachwear for

Matching Beachwear for the whole team! Designed, printed & made in Britain from sustainable fabrics, woven from recycled fibres. Cosmetic Surgery at Candover Clinic Offering a full range of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments Quality Private Healthcare • Breast Surgery • Face & Neck Lifts • Tummy Tucks & Liposuction • Nose Reshaping • Prominent Ears • Mole & Skin Tag Removal • Laser Skin & Face Lifts • Varicose Vein Treatment Book your free mini-consultation now Call 01256 315010 Visit Private Healthcare Supporting

SPOTLIGHT ARE YOU A GOOD influence? What we wear is increasingly based on what we see on social media, as fashion influencers take over from traditional glossies in helping us shop Do you often stand in front of doors painted from the school of Farrow & Ball (Sulking Room Pink or Elephant’s Breath)? Does your Boyy buckle bag hang just below your Citizens of Humanity boyfriend jeans? Crucially, are you unafraid to wear pom-poms or chiffon on the school run? Yikes. Sounds as though you’re a mummy fashion influencer, or blogger, or Instagram expert with 100K (and counting) followers. Or a mix of them all and more, with a canny ability to turn your life into a catwalk. The parent fashion influencers are one sector of a global superpower. Where once a question at the school gate about a box-fresh purchase might have led the asker to the nearest branch of Next, now a new item of clothing can beam across the globe to a potential audience of millions. The value of the global influencer market on Instagram is estimated to be worth nearly US.5 billion in 2019. 78% of European marketing agencies are using it, by giving clothing, and throwing influencer parties. We catch up with @buffysees mother of two and up and coming fashion influencer. Where did your love of fashion first begin? Very early on. By the time I was two I insisted on picking my own outfits, and would, “not be told”. I’ve heard my Mum recount this tale so many times, and thought she was exaggerating. Then I had Marlie. At 18 months she would say, “No Mama, yukky” when I held up something that was not covered in Unicorns or Peppa flipping Pig! How do you stop yourself chasing numbers on Instagram? I am, of course, chasing numbers. It’s like an addiction; at every milestone you want more. But isn’t that the same in any field, when you want to achieve? The important thing is to remember why you started your account and focus on that. I’m pretty thick skinned, and also know that everything that’s REALLY important isn’t on a screen. What’s been your most exciting social media moment? When I only had a very small following (it’s still pretty small!) I was invited to a Wallis event. I turned up not knowing one soul in a room full of Instagramming women! More sequins than a drag contest, louder SUMMER 19 ★ 49