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Summer Edition 2019

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What’s your wine

What’s your wine really worth to you? From the recent enthusiast to the experienced collector, BI caters for all lovers of fine wine. We know what wine is worth to you – because we feel the same. Contact us: +44(0)20 7269 0703 | LUXURIOUS STARTER APARTMENTS FROM £299,995 JESSICA HOUSE SW18 SUPERB INVESTMENT POTENTIAL OR FIRST HOME OPPORTUNITY! • Studio and 1 & 2 bed apartments. • Daytime concierge & secure parking. * • Little over 10 minutes walk from mainline and tube connections. SALES AND MARKETING SUITE OPEN 7 DAYS 191 WANDSWORTH HIGH STREET SW18 4LS 020 7620 1500 *Secure parking at additional cost. Price correct at time of going to press. Official letting and managing agent

SPOTLIGHT than a football stadium. It was daunting. Within seconds friendly faces introduced themselves. Before I knew it four hours and five cocktails had passed and I was at an afterparty with @Mercer7 and @themumlife_styled - where we danced on tables until the wee hours! My kinda people: women who work hard, support each other and like to dance! Is there anything you wish you hadn’t posted? Not yet! I’m not a big one for regret, she says (until she posts Which means that your school gate question might now be answered by, “it was gifted to me by LoveShackFancy.” If you possess a phone there is no barrier to enter the influencer market. And if you’re a time-poor parent it’s a career you can do at midnight in your PJs. You’ll obviously need to be able to set up gorgeous images, and be able to string a sentence together (though the latter isn’t even that crucial). Being successful is another thing altogether. You’ll need the hide of a rhino to build the accidental naked shot while trying something on). What would you ultimately like to happen as an influencer? Instagram has been a fantastic platform for me. I started my account to get myself back out there after predominately looking after my kids for the last five years. It’s opened doors and helped me realise that I work with fashion and interiors. One day I’d love to design my own dresses and do more writing. I turn 40 in May and would love to get my blog sorted for then. he aue o the oa nuener maret on ntaram etmated to e orth neary . on n up followers because no brand will take you seriously until you’ve a minimum of 10,000. At 30,000 you can start charging around £750 for posts which might only take you a few minutes. The most soughtafter Instagrammers earn up to £60,000 a post. We’re not even talking the Rosie Huntington- Whiteleys of this world, but a mother near you and me, possibly changing clothes in the back of the car while waiting for U11B cricket match to end. What are you waiting for – strike a pose, there’s nothing to it? We like what they’re wearing – The Instagrammers to follow Dress Like a Mum @dresslikeamum Followers: 124K On a mission to remind women not to forget themselves, Londoner and mum of three Zoe de Pass, has an enviable line in cool trainers and likes colour and pattern. Mother of Daughters @mother_of_daughters Followers: 631K You get the feeling you’d want to be friends with smiling Clemmie Hooper. A midwife, mother of four girls and author, she posts without filters wearing bikinis to jumpsuits. Erica Davies @erica_davies Followers: 134K With her own QVC interiors line and an Instagram bookclub, this ex-fashion writer has it all covered. We love her laid-back tailored looks and clever ways with prints. This Is Mothership @thisismothership Followers: 38.6K A fabulous look at the lifestyles of fashion and celebrity stylist @gemmarosebreger and beauty director @samantha_silver. Expect floral dresses for dreamy parties, holiday wear and heads up on cool brands. The Fashion Lift @thefashion_lift Followers: 80K A mix of everyday and fashion forward looks. Blonde and rarely without a slick of red lippie, Fran Bacon is a fashionista best friend who will guide you to looking cool. The Frugality @thefrugality Followers: 217K Freelance fashion editor Alex Stedman brings a haute fashion touch to the high street. She’s got great taste and saves hard to buy something long lasting. Does My Bum Look 40 @doesmybumlook40 Followers: 118K Self-styled straddler of the line between mutton and frump, Kat Farmer is the relatable side of glamour. Often messing around with her kids in low-key clothing. SUMMER 19 ★ 51