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Winter Edition 2017

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Winter magazine out now! Going to 35,000 families at our member schools, all raising funds for great causes.

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INTERVIEW “IF POSHNESS NEEDS TO BE BASHED A BIT, WHICH IT PROBABLY DOES, THEN WHY DON’T I DO THE BASHING” bashing. If poshness needs to be bashed a bit, which it probably does, then why don’t I do the bashing? Tell us what you’re up to at the moment. I’ve just released my latest stand-up special on Netflix. It’s a great company to work for and it feels exciting to be doing something at a place that’s always evolving and growing across the world. People will be able to see my stand-up on every corner of the globe. You do such a variety of stuff. What work gives you the biggest buzz? Whatever I’m not doing, that’s what I miss the most. As in, if I’m doing a long tour, I yearn to be on set acting or in a room doing some writing, but then whenever I’m doing either of the latter I start getting the itch to be on stage again. I’ll never be happy! You’ve collaborated with your dad several times. Tell us a bit about him and why you ended up working together. I used to talk about him loads on stage and finally got to the point where I was like: ‘I need to stop making jokes about him.’ That coincided with my producer suggesting we do a chat show together. We did it at Edinburgh initially and only planned to do a couple of shows. But I’ve woken a monster. I can’t stop him now. How was it travelling with him for your Netflix series? Long. We did six weeks on the road. That’s a long time to spend with anyone… but your dad?! We did have some great moments, though, and he does genuinely make me laugh a lot. If anyone’s thinking of taking a gap year reading this, take a parent. They get all the bills. What was the funniest moment on your travels? Probably seeing my dad get a henna tattoo. I’m gutted it came off. Which work are you most proud of, and why? Probably [Paul Pennyfeather in the adaption of Evelyn Waugh’s] Decline and Fall that I did for the BBC. It was something completely different for me and I think we did a really classy job. What advice do you have for kids wanting to do comedy? Develop some thick skin. Tell us a joke. This question. What next? Singing career. Jack Whitehall: At Large and Travels With My Father are both available on Netflix now Bounty Hunters is also available now on Sky One W I N T ER 17 ★ 29


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