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Winter Edition 2017

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Winter magazine out now! Going to 35,000 families at our member schools, all raising funds for great causes.

Galliard_WG_SchoolMag_Winter17 09/10/2017 11:32 Page 1 WESTGATE house LONDON BOROUGH OF EALING THE VALUE THE LUXURY THE LIFESTYLE Yours from £295,000 High spec 1 bedroom suites and 1 & 2 bedroom apartments with lifestyle facilities to include terrace lounge, screening room, gym, sauna, steam room, hot desks and 24 hour concierge. 6 minutes walk from Central Line services direct to the West End in 20 minutes. Marketing & Show Suite Open 7 Days Westgate House, London W5 1YY 020 3409 2284 IN JOINT VENTURE WITH Price correct at time of going to press. All images shown are for illustrative purposes only. 10% OFF Quote SCH72 FREE DELIVERY on orders over £35 80+ stores 10% discount offer can be used in store and online. Offer expires 30.04.2018. See website for offer and delivery details. School notices NEW .indd 1 12/10/2017 12:26

DESIGN The Power of TWO Head of design at Boodles, Rebecca Hawkins, tells us about its Royal Ballet collaboration How did Boodles’ Royal Ballet-inspired collection, Pas de Deux, come about? During discussions to sponsor a performance, it became clear how much the two companies had in common, and the idea to collaborate on a new high-jewellery collection was born. It’s a departure from Boodles’ usual approach to design. How so? There is a greater sense of geometry and sharper angles than we would traditionally include to bring the feeling of choreography and dynamic movement. What parallels did you discover between the two art forms? The high regard for artistry and production values that we both share; that jewellery, like dance, is evocative, emotional and expressive; and that both art forms seek to create the illusion of lightness and delicacy when, in reality, incredible strength is required. Tell us about the artistic process? My first step was to visit the Royal Opera House. I was able to watch the dancers in rehearsal, to view the archives, the costumes, set designs and to get a general feel for all the elements involved. I asked questions like: what makes the perfect dance partnership? What makes ballet different from other forms of dance? What is unique about the Royal Ballet? It was the answers to these questions that formed the foundation of the collection. The process took nearly two years. Why the pas de deux theme? Everything seemed to lead towards the idea of ‘two’ being the key. The equal importance of the physical and emotional side, the classical technique paired with the ability to tell a story and take the audience on a journey. The perfect dance partnership: an intuitive understanding of the other, ability to mirror, complementary physicality. Two art forms, two companies. And so the collection itself has two halves: jewels that represent the physical side and jewels that add emotion and narrative. How did you apply what you experienced at the Royal Opera House to the tangible pieces? I translated the dancers into shapes, tracing a line from the tip of a toe to the dancer’s head or fingertip, adding an arch or elongating the shape to illustrate the extension. Explain your use of diamonds. Kite-shape diamonds were chosen to represent the dancers in abstract form and the sense of balance and alignment. W I N T ER 17 ★ 35


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