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Winter Edition 2018

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Awesome creative alumni interviews with David Linley, David Yarrow, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and your ultimate Christmas gift guide make this our best edition yet!

“It’s so important

“It’s so important to raise happy, confident and kind children they will rule the world one day ater all The next lucky break was after the band split up. My publishers sent me the instrumental of Groovejet. I thought ‘why not?’ and it became a big song for me. I still sing it now. What advice would you give to the next generation of aspiring singers and songwriters? I always say the same. Don’t regard a deal as the holy grail. Focus on yourself first and work out what kind of artist you want to be. Then work hard and don’t complain. If you end up making a living from music, you are always one of the lucky ones. Is there an album or song which you are most proud of, and why? A couple stand out. Groovejet for its longevity, Murder (on the Dancefloor) because it reminds me of my school friends and Young Blood as it’s a more emotional kind of song. You’ve toured with George Michael and Take That, collaborated with the Manic Street Preachers and worked with Calvin Harris (amongst others). Is there a memory that particularly stands out? The support tour with Take That was lots of fun and they were lovely hosts. I also enjoyed supporting Elton John and the Pet Shop Boys. Obviously watching George Michael every night was inspiring. All collaborations give me such great experiences - you always learn something and sometimes those collaborations turn into folk you work with over

INTERVIEW “Have courage and be kind” PHOTOGRAPHY: LAURA LEWIS, SOPHIE MULLER, SHUTTERSTOCK and over, like my relationship with Ed Harcourt who I’ve done three albums with. Your highlights of Strictly Come Dancing? Ah, so many. It was lots of fun. I loved learning something new and it showed me that no matter how nervous you are, you can still get out there and dance! When it all went well, it was the best feeling. It took away the last of my inhibitions. How do you juggle being a mum with your career? It’s all we know. I’m just a working mum to them and I’ve been very lucky to have support. I juggle it the same way as any working parent except I have it easier than most. I can bring them to work if I want and I can turn things down if I feel it’s not making sense to me. Not everyone is so lucky. Have your boys inherited any of your musical talents? I don’t know if I’m raising any musicians but I think I’m raising music fans and that means more to me. Plus they all love a boogie which is great! Tell us about The Song Diaries and the inspiration behind it? Folk have asked me for a while about doing a greatest hits album but I couldn’t see the point. Then a few years back, a talented friend of mine called Amy Langley did a string version of Groovejet for a charity gig. It sounded so cool and different that it sowed a little seed and the idea to do an orchestral greatest hits came from that. What other passions do you have? (Fulham FC?) Haha not Fulham! That’s my dad’s team. I don’t support any football team personally although if I had to I guess I’d choose them for my Pa! My passions are sorting out the house - I love interiors stuff and decorating, cooking food, vintage clothing and dancing. Are there any charities that are close to your heart? I support charities which get kids into the arts like the National Youth Theatre and The Music House for Children. I am also an ambassador for Save the From above clockwise: With husband Richard Jones (bassist with The Feeling), posing for photographers on the opening night of Strictly Come Dancing 2013, charity trip to India with Save The Children 2017, The Song Diaries album cover with artwork by fashion Illustrator David Downton, with mum and step-dad on a recent trip to Venice. Bottom p20: Ed Harcourt Children and Lumos. I suppose broadly speaking children’s charities resonate because they have a voice that doesn’t always get heard and it’s so important to raise happy, confident and kind children; they will rule the world one day, after all. Motto for life? ‘Trust your instincts’ is definitely one but ‘Have courage and be kind’ is good, too. W I NTER 18 ★ 21