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Winter Edition 2019

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We've gone all foodie this term! Fantastic interviews with Sir Rocco Forte, Giles Coren, Nadiya Hussain and Tilly Ramsay shares her brilliant Rainbow cake recipe. Plus, Dermot O'Leary has written a children's book! Definitely one for the stocking, along with other picks we have for you in our top notch Christmas Gift Guide. And if that is not enough, we have the make-up and beauty tips to make sure you are party fabulous this season. Downlaod it now or read it on our School Notices App if you are not at a member school giving you a printed copy.

TILLY talks Like father

TILLY talks Like father like daughter – this culinary star is taking over the kitchen as well as prime time TV. Tilly tells us how she combines school, a TV career, a cookery book and being a Ramsay! How old were you when you started cooking and who got you into the kitchen? I started cooking when my Dad was filming in the kitchen when I was around five or six. He used to ask me to help and then I wanted to do my own food that was fun to make and that I enjoyed eating. My brother and sisters would eat it too and they preferred it to Dad’s! Since then I have just enjoyed making food for them and for friends. Did school play a role in helping to shape your career? I did home economics at school and I enjoyed it – they did not offer it as an option for GCSE’s so it did not really take me any further. Do you think all schools should teach cookery? Yes! For children to understand that it does not always have to be complicated and that it is cheaper and healthier to prepare food yourself rather than fast food or takeaways – my friends and I love to have dinners where we pair up and each pair cooks a course – it’s social and it’s competitive and we all love that! How did you combine filming while doing your GCSE’s? We always do our filming in the school holidays – some episodes are filmed in the Easter holidays in London, others in the summer in Cornwall and Los Angeles. It is sometimes tricky and I have to be careful to make sure I keep up with coursework and revision. Are you taking A Levels or are you at school in America? Yes! I am doing A Levels in England – I am studying Biology, Psychology and Physical Education. We did look at schools in America but it is so different and difficult ››

INTERVIEW 20-LAYER SURPRISE RAINBOW CAKE HAVE A GO! “This cake takes a LOT of effort but looks brilliant when you cut into it that it’s totally worth it. People will have no idea that there is a rainbow inside! I made it for mum and dad’s twentieth wedding anniversary - the cake and buttercream make up twenty layers for twenty years!” Full recipe on the SN blog (Food & Nutrition category) W I NTER 19 ★ 33