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Combination of radio control of weighing system and hydraulic functions with SILOKING Feeding Management „ Radio

SILOKING Data The standard of the future, with SILOKING today – and free of charge! SILOKING Data is a radio-controlled weighing system for daily use in cattle feeding. It stands out for simple and comfortable control and allows for precise feeding, efficient work and cost saving from the very beginning. The automatic data collection fulfills the requirements of dairies and consumers alike. A complete documentation shows the feed components used and therefore complies with the prescribed quality guidelines. The electronic documentation, as provided by SILOKING Data, will be considered as standard for feeding before long. Along with SILOKING Feeding Management Software, SILOKING Data offers considerable savings with efficient cost control as a whole. Precise Loading exact to the kilo thanks to standard programmable weighing system Simple Control of the terminal is self-explanatory and is done by pushing a button or via a dial Intelligent Change of number of cows, feed amount and appetite is possible any time Advantages of a radio terminal for TrailedLine, TruckLine e.0 and StaticLine 4.0 Radio terminal Data terminal in the loading vehicle always in the driver’s field of vision Loading From right/left, no forgetting of weights Comfort No getting off for operating the weighing system or for controlling in strong sunlight. Feeding Management Ration handling Creation of feed components, animal groups and unloading points, creation of recipes. Cost overview, nominal/actual comparison and loading precision Up-to-date Feeding software free of charge Web-based / worldwide access Documentation Evaluation and storing of feeding data and stock. Extract as PDF/Excel 2 | SILOKING

SILOKING Data for any requirements for SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 models from 12 m³ to 32 m³ Compact, Premium, System 500+, System 1000+ for SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 models from 7 m³ to 45 m³ Compact, Premium, System 1000+, Duo Avant for SILOKING TrailedLine Classic models from 7 m³ to 22 m³ Compact, Premium, Duo SILOKING Data SILOKING Data SILOKING Data SILOKING Data for SILOKING TruckLine e.0 models from 8 m³ to 14 m³ eTruck for SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0 models from 8 m³ to 40 m³ Compact, Premium, System 1000+ for SILOKING StaticLine Biogas 4.0 models from 9 m³ to 80 m³ Compact, Premium, System 1000+ SILOKING | 3

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