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Taxi Times International - March 2015 - English

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RADIO-CIRCUITS RADIO-CIRCUITS TAXI.EU NOW ACCEPTS MOBILE PAYMENT With a pilot test in Berlin, the app ‘’ will facilitate quick, cashless payment via smartphone. PayPal is an important partner. Berlin taxis draw attention to the mobile payment option with eye-catching outdoor advertising. Especially because this mobile payment solution is a unique selling point for in comparison to its competitors: The noncash payment can be made even if the customer gets into the taxi at the taxi stop without placing an order via the app first. “In this case, all the driver has to do is request an activation code on his/ her terminal,”’s staff Stephan Müller explains the process. “The taxi user has to enter this code in his/her smartphone and authorise payment.” By also integrating PayPal, was able to agree on a comprehensive marketing campaign with PayPal for the start of the pilot test. PayPal will advertise the new service at Berlin traffic hubs such as train stations and the airport. And approximately 900 taxis in Berlin have been driving around with PayPal-advertising on their doors. Coincidentally, the mobile payment option starts at an opportune time in Berlin. Berlin was the first city in Germany where taxis were officially ordered by the competent regulatory authority to accept at least three common credit cards. After May 8, taxis with drivers who do not accept credit card payment are prohibited from driving passengers. “Most of our taxis accepted credit cards before and processed them with appropriate devices,” Hermann Waldner insists. “The fact that nowadays we are able to accept an additional and very simple payment process with taxi. eu-Payment is a clear proof of our high potential in comparison to competitors like Uber, mytaxi and others.” n jh FROM BERLIN TO EUROPE 5,700 taxis drive for the radio circuit Berlin TZB in the German capital. An estimated one fifth will test taxi. eu-Payment in accordance with TZB’s decision-makers. In order to participate, both the driver and the vehicle need to be registered. As usual with Taxi Berlin, participation is on a voluntary basis. Should the pilot test prove successful, other radio circuits connected to the taxi-eu dispatch service will also be able to integrate this function. Payment runs on the PDA- and DBG touch-devices and also in the driver-app menu. Simply show the translation The Taxi Language Phrasebook Charm offensive – in over 70 languages! ● 21 essential phrases every taxi driver needs. »A clear proof of the taxi trade’s high potential.« Hermann Waldner Recently, taxi users in Berlin have been able to pay for their taxi ride via credit or cash card, no additional terminal required. The payment is processed via the app. The company FMS / austrosoft programmed the necessary interface whose system is used to dispatch all kinds of taxi orders to the vehicles of central fleets. Now the payment option “PayPal” has been integrated for the first time. In the next few weeks, the new app ( Payment) will be tested for suitability in daily use in the approx. 5,700 taxis of the Berlin radio circuit TZB. The transaction process is authorised via the customer’s smartphone exclusively. For this purpose, the taxi user must register and authorise his/her credit card in advance and/or have a PayPal account. The driver processes the payment via the order terminal or via the driver app. That means that at the end of the trip, the driver activates the M(obile)Payment mode and enters the price. The price is shown on the customer’s smartphone who confirms it. Then the driver confirms the payment, which is thus finalised. The Berlin radio circuit TZB is responsible for settlement. Hermann Waldner, TZB managing director and also co-founder of the app, closes the gap to the competing apps with this additional payment option. mytaxi, an app transmitting trips directly to the smartphones of registered taxi drivers and operators, had introduced a simil arly simple mobile payment system in 2013. Taxi Deutschland, a competitor in par ti cular on the German market, has been offering a mobile payment option since 2014. Time and again, received minus points due to the lack of this payment option in various comparison tests between national and international taxi apps. Recently, the app lost by a close vote to mytaxi in a ranking of the German consumer portal ‘’. For the future, they are hoping for better ratings and a leap to first place. PHOTOS: TZB ● Be able to communicate in 74 languages. ● Simply point and let the passenger read, they need only to nod or shake their head. WELCOME, WILLKOMMEN, BIENVENUE! Welcoming International Guests to your Cab. The Taxi Driver‘s Phrasebook. Order now from the taxi-Times- Verlag publishing house Munich Phone: 089/215 48 30 75 Autorin Gabi Kröber, Der Taxi-Sprachführer, 18 by Gabriele Kröber TAXI MARCH / 2015 179 Seiten, Ringbuchbindung, 19 ISBN 978-3-955008-02-7 19.80 € (inclusive of VAT + 3,90 € shipping charges)

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