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Horizontal Machining Centers

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THE FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS A Rigid Platform No matter what the project – a family house, a skyscraper, or a suspension bridge – the soundness of the structure is determined by the sturdiness of the foundation. The same principle applies to horizontal machining centers. It all starts with the base and column structures. How well the machine cuts is tied to the sturdiness of the basic structure. Heavy-Duty T-Base Design Haas designers based the EC Series horizontals on a classic and proven design. The rigid T-base foundation allows the pallet carrier to move in the Z axis, while the spindle head moves only in the X and Y axes. 10 | America’s Leading Machine Tool Builder

1 Setup, 5 Sides – Surfaced, Drilled, and Tapped EC Series base castings are machined on state-of-the-art, 5-side CNC machines. Each casting is completely machined, drilled, tapped, and inspected in a single setup, which provides higher accuracies and smoother production. Our ability to precisely machine all critical features of each casting eliminates alignment errors in final assembly. High-accuracy in-process inspection guarantees that every casting meets our stringent quality standards. Massive Cast-Iron Construction Cast iron provides up to ten times the damping capacity of steel. That’s why Haas uses cast iron for all major components. Our castings are reinforced with heavy ribs to resist flex and damp vibrations, and inspected thoroughly before and after machining to ensure they are free of flaws. All structural components are optimized using finite element analysis (FEA) to produce the most rigid designs. Anti-Flex, Reinforced Base & Column Castings Our specially designed base and column castings feature anti-flex, vibration-absorbing ribs that transfer vibration away from the cutting area. The columns feature an internal torque-tube design that yields superior rigidity and provides the most anti-flex properties of any design. Haas Automation, Europe +32 2 522 99 05 | 11



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