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Horizontal Machining Centers

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MAIN SPINDLE FEATURES High-Capacity Cartridge Spindle The advanced design of our spindles provides high axial-thrust capability, yet generates minimal heat. The front and rear bores of the housing and the OD of the spindle are finished in one operation. This guarantees perfect alignment between the bores and ODs, thus reducing bearing heat. Our spindles use pre-loaded angular-contact bearings throughout, with the two forward bearings separated by a large spacer to enhance radial stability – enabling heavy cuts in steel. To ensure long life, the spindle is pressurized with air to prevent coolant contamination, and an air/oil mixture is injected automatically to ensure precise lubrication and long bearing life. Powerful Vector Spindle Drives The Haas-designed vector spindle drive uses closed-loop, digital servo technology to provide precise speed control and peak performance under heavy cutting loads, resulting in the fastest, most powerful spindle ever. These drives allow you to push the spindle to 150 percent of the motor’s continuous power rating for 15 minutes, and to 200 percent for 3 minutes. That’s more performance headroom than other spindle drives. On-The-Fly Wye-Delta Switching Many Haas HMCs feature a dual-winding motor – wye and delta – with an electronic switch to change between the two windings. Selecting the best winding for low-rpm cutting and the best winding for high-rpm cutting yields higher torque over a wider rpm range. On-the-fly switching maximizes acceleration/deceleration rates for more chip making and less waiting. 14 | America’s Leading Machine Tool Builder

Inline Drive The standard configuration for all Haas 40-taper HMCs is an inline direct-drive spindle coupled directly to the motor to provide excellent surface finishes and greater thermal stability. The inline spindle is available in 8 000-rpm and 12 000-rpm configurations. 50-Taper Gear-Driven Haas Spindle The Haas geared-head spindle provides increased low-end torque for powerful cutting, while retaining the ability to run at higher speeds for smooth surface finishes. The 22,4 kW, 50-taper spindle is standard on larger Haas horizontals, and provides 610 Nm of cutting torque for heavy material removal. A 10 000-rpm option is available. More Spindle Torque Cutting performance, material removal rates, and surface finish are a product of torque, speed, and power. These charts show two ways torque is delivered in the HMC spindle. The one at left shows a 12 000-rpm, 22,4 kW inline spindle for the 40-taper machines, and the chart at right shows a gear-driven, 10 000-rpm spindle option for the 50-taper models. 40 Taper - 12 000 rpm - 22,4 kW (Inline Drive) 50 Taper -10 000 rpm - 22,4 kW (Gearbox Drive) 135 37,2 407 Shift Point 3100 rpm 37,2 108 29,8 325 29,8 Torque (Nm) 81 54 22,4 14,9 Power (kW) Torque (Nm) 244 163 22,4 14,9 Power (kW) 27 7,4 81 7,4 0 0 2 400 4 800 RPM 7 200 9 600 12 000 0 0 0 2 000 4 000 RPM 6 000 8 000 10 000 0 Torque Power Torque LOW GEAR Torque HIGH GEAR Power LOW GEAR Power HIGH GEAR Specifications subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Haas Automation, Europe +32 2 522 99 05 | 15



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