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Horizontal Machining Centers

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MAIN SPINDLE FEATURES (continued) Rigid Tapping An encoder attached to the Haas high-performance spindle synchronizes Z-axis motion with the spindle’s rotation. Synchronized tapping eliminates the need for expensive floating tap holders, and prevents lead-thread distortion and start-thread pullout. The tap can also retract up to four times faster than it went in to reduce cycle times. Vibration-Isolated Gearbox Haas has invested more than million in the finest gear-making and inspection equipment in the world. Haas gears are CNC machined and hobbed out of alloy steel, heat-treated to 60 Rc, and then precision CNC ground to AGMA Class 13 quality. A dry-sump system circulates oil to all vital areas of the gearbox, and polyurethane mounts eliminate vibrations that could show up on finishing passes. 50 Taper Offers More 40 Taper 50 Taper Gage diameter (A) 44,45 mm 69,85 mm Taper length (B) 68,25 mm 101,60 mm Tool clamp force* 8 007 N 17 793 N Max tool weight 5,4 kg 13,6 kg Max tool diameter 152 mm 254 mm *Nominal A B Spindle Configurations MODEL 40 TAPER 50 TAPER STD 2-SPEED GEARBOX 5 000 RPM STD 6 000 / OPT 10 000 RPM STD 8 000 / OPT 12 000 RPM Gearbox standard w/50-taper spindle. All machines available in CT or BT. EC-300 EC-400 EC-400PP EC-500 ES-5 EC-1600 HS-3/R HS-4/R HS-6/R HS-7/R • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 16 | America’s Leading Machine Tool Builder

HORIZONTAL PALLET-SYSTEM DESIGN Simple, Dependable Pallet Indexing System The Haas pallet indexing system employs a simple, robust, and shopproven design that has been perfected by nearly 30 years of experience building rotary tables. At the heart of the system is a precision worm-gear set that is manufactured to AGMA Class 13 quality using the same high-accuracy techniques used to build Haas rotary tables. This proven design ensures precise positioning and years of trouble-free operation. Heavy-Duty Pallet Clamping To hold the pallet securely to the receiver during machining, we utilize a simple but innovative design that combines mechanical and pneumatic forces to provide 7 tons of clamping force.* The pallet is accurately positioned on the receiver by six locating keys set at the widest possible point on the pallet’s base. A plate then clamps the pallet directly over the locating keys using a combination of heavy-duty Belleville springs and air pressure. Since pneumatic force is used only to boost clamping force and to release the clamp, a loss of air pressure will not cause the pallet to release. *EC-300 has 4,5 tons of clamping force, and uses pneumatic clamping only Optional Hydraulic Clamping Provision Decrease part loading/unloading times and ensure consistent part clamping by using hydraulic workholding on EC-400 and EC-500 HMCs. Our hydraulic clamping provision supplies hydraulic lines and routing for a signal cable from the back of the machine to a pair of distribution manifolds mounted to the pallet changer door. The hydraulic unit, connections to the tombstones, and workholding are not included. Model EC-300 EC-400 EC-500 Pallet Size 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm Capacity – Indexer 250 kg 454 kg 454 kg Capacity – Full 4th 250 kg 300 kg 300 kg Clamping Force* 40 034 N 62 275 N 62 275 N Change Time 4,7 Sec 8 Sec 9 Sec *At 5,6 bar air pressure. Haas Automation, Europe +32 2 522 99 05 | 17



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