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Horizontal Machining Centers

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EC-1600 HMC Big,

EC-1600 HMC Big, Powerful, Economical The EC-1600 Series HMCs are rugged 50-taper horizontal machining centers with large work cubes, and a maximum part capacity of 4 536 kg. The EC-1600YZT adds an additional 203 mm of Z-axis travel to accommodate larger parts and longer tools. Both models are available with a full 4th-axis rotary platter integrated into the T-slot table to provide access to four sides of a part or tombstone. The 762 mm platter handles parts and fixtures up to 4 536 kg. EC-1600 EC-1600 YZT Axis travels (xyz) 1 626 x 1 270 x 813 mm 1 626 x 1 270 x 1 270 mm Table size 1 626 x 914 mm 1 626 x 914 mm Maximum table load 4 536 kg 4 536 kg 28 | America’s Leading Machine Tool Builder Note: All machines listed on this page must be anchored to reinforced concrete foundations for proper operation. Please see installation manual or contact Haas for exact requirements.

Ø 1257 mm (front doors closed) Hydraulic Clamping for 4th-Axis Platter To hold the 4th-axis platter in position under heavy cutting loads, the EC-1600 HMCs utilize an ingenious hydraulic-brake design. Hydraulic fluid is pumped at 69 bar into a sealed cavity between two disks. The fluid forces the outer disc against the inner wall of the gear. Assembled with minimum clearance to the gear wall, a push-out of only a few thousandths of an inch yields 5 423 Nm of brake torque. And with no moving parts, the system provides long-term, trouble-free operation. Also used on HS Series HMCs with built-in 4th axis. Optional Integrated 4th-Axis Platter Platter Diameter Table Size Drive System Rotational Torque Brake Torque Indexing Accuracy Max. Capacity 762 mm 1 626 mm x 813 mm Servo 2 712 Nm 5 423 Nm ± 30 arc-sec 4 536 kg Haas Automation, Europe +32 2 522 99 05 | 29



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