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SHW new HSC line

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High Speeds, for hith Needs! Solutions for Die&Mould production


Solutions for Die&Mould production Our new fork milling head with integrated high frequency spindle, continously positioning A– and C-axes and up to 24.000 rpm, is perfectly suited for the efficient machining of light metal alloys with high rotational speeds in the area of die&mould production of bulky complex parts. Up to 24.000 rpm 5-Axis-simultaneous machining with continously positioning axes High Feed Cutting / High Speed Cutting (HFC/ HSC) Available for our UniSpeed and PowerSpeed series Your contact: Mr. Orhan Elbizim Tel.: +49 (0) 7361 5578 812 Mobile: +49 (0) 162 275 8230 email:



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