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Rotaries and Indexers

Rotaries and Indexers Rotaries and Indexers The full line of Haas rotary products includes many specialized units designed for maximum productivity. From the multi-head HA5Cs to tilting T5Cs and dual-axis trunnion models, Haas continues to lead the way to higher productivity through automation. Constructed of heavy-duty materials and designed for dependable day-in, day-out operation, Haas rotary products are the benchmark by which all others are measured. Below are just a few of the features that make Haas rotary products the high-productivity, high-value leader. Next Generation Control (NGC) Our Next Generation Control (NGC) is the latest update to the machine tool industry’s most user-friendly CNC control. We have significantly improved the user interface, with a more consistent and intuitive navigation experience, vastly improved connectivity, and an all-new Visual Programming System. Optional Upgrades Standard Features • 32 GB or 64 GB Program Memory • 1 GB Program Memory • WiFi Connectivity • Power-Failure Detection Module • Visual Programming System (VPS) • Ethernet Connection • Dynamic Work Offsets (DWO) & • HaasConnect Mobile Monitoring • Tool Center Point Control (TCPC) TRT-100 HRT-210 TRT-100 TRT-160 Diameter 210 mm 100 mm 160 mm Max. Speed 0.001 to 100°/sec 0.001 to 1000°/sec 0.001 to 80°/sec Haas Automation Resource Centre and Tip of the day Haas technical forum offers information on Programming, Settings and Parameters, Tips and Tricks, Tools and Tooling and Using the control. Stay up-to-date on the latest Tip & Tricks. Haas Automation Resource Center Haas Tip of the day Resolution 0.001° 0.001° 0.001° Accuracy (±) 15 arc-sec 45 arc-sec 15 arc-sec Repeataebility 10 arc-sec 30 arc-sec 10 arc-sec Wireless Intuitive Probing System Reduce setup time using the Haas wireless intuitive probing system. The Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) guides the operator through the job set-up process with easy-to-use templates. WIPS has the ability to define work offset coordinates, set tool length offsets, and perform in-process inspection within the program. Key Features: • Fully integrated with the Haas control • Easy-to-understand tool and work setting cycles • Can be used for in-process inspection, tool breakage detection, and tool wear protection Benefits: • Drastically reduces setup time • No knowledge of G-code or macro programming is needed • Can reduce scrap by monitoring tool wear and tool breakage • WIPS saves an hour per day on setup • Payback time: 4.5 months TRT-160 - 18 - - 19 -



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