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Introduction Topics

Introduction Topics Creating the future! S 3 Prologue TEXIMP changes the world in relation to manufacturing. Our leading range of machine suppliers for a large number of CNC production processes. Continuous training of our employees and eight branches in seven countries mean we S 4 Your local TTC tools and parts has been used in leading industrial sectors for the past 40 years. We From us you can expect comprehensive can guarantee expertise and efficiency on your doorstep. S 6 Teximp International are one of the world's leading companies supplying automotive, toolmaking, electrical, ship- service, including sales advice, finance, training and service. We see ourselves as genuine team players, S 8 Teximp History S 10 Haas Automation building, aviation and rail industries. Please contact us to get a tailor made assessment for your needs. We are an international trading company spe- We safeguard your investments by means of extensive after-sales services, and lay the foundation stone for long-term cooperation. combining visionary thinking with realistic economic factors. Your needs are at the focal point of all our considerations. S 20 Nakamura-Tome cialising in technically sophisticated products and expert consultancy. Our core competence Since 1982 we have concentrated on sales and distribution in Central and Southeast Ivan Bornatico, CEO S 24 Matsuura is based on sound specialist knowledge and a secure and well-established network with our Europe. S 28 Tornos customers and suppliers, and delivers comprehensive support for our clients. S 32 SHW Werkzeugmaschinen We offer you more than just technically S 35 Teximp Sponsoring sophisticated products from selected S 36 Teximp Technology S 38 Teximp Service S 42 Teximp Retro Teximp Zurich Headquaters Prague Belusa Brno Ljubljana Zagreb Belgrade Zenica Sofia Cluj-Napoca Bucharest - 2 - - 3 -



Contact us:

Teximp SA
Kohlrainstrasse 10
CH-8700 Küsnacht

Phone +41 44 914 40 00

Teximp International Zurich, Prague, Brno, Belusa, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Zenica, Arad, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sofia