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11042019 - INSECURITY: Senate condemns killings; insists on State Police

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24 — Vanguard,

24 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019

Vanguard, THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019 — 25 Institute for Gender Studies calls for papers C M Y K Igbo-Alejo C&S Nur & Pry where pupils learn in broken classrooms •During rainy season we converge at the centre of the class, at sunshine, we are disorientated •Two years after, school building slated for four months yet to be completed •We are aware of dilapidated school structure, completion of building underway- SUBEB BY ELIZABETH UWANDU PITY, alarm and pain are the emotions that greet you as you behold pupils of Cherubim & Seraphim Nursery and Primary School, Igbo- Alejo, a Lagos suburb as they learn cramped in dilapidated classrooms with broken roofs, broken walls and broken chairs. The C & S Nur/Pry School, Igbo- Alejo, established in1954 and located in Igbo-Alejo near Itun Agan, riverine area of Amuwo- Odofin, once the pride of the community being the only basic school there has over the years become a site of shame, tears and agony owing to the inhuman atmosphere pupils learn in. Aside the above, the school which used to have over 300 pupils now has less than 100 pupils, thereby increasing the number of out of school children in the community. Earlier this year when Vanguard visited the school, pupils were found sweating and panting due to heat from the scorching of the sun caused by the open roof of the school. Again, what is most pitiable is that these children ought not to be experiencing this kind of ordeal had the promise by constructor, S.A.B Tika-Tore & Sons Limited to complete a six block classroom approved by the Lagos State Government been fulfilled . The said building started in 2017 and slated for completion within four years, is yet to be completed two years after. The delay of the said building whose space was provided by the community and has Lagos state’s Universal Basic Education, SUBEB as supervisor, has resulted in the suffering of pupils and teachers anytime the elements of the heavens set in. However, three weeks after Vanguard’s visit to the community, it was claimed that work had begun in the school. When Vanguard visited, it was found that work had truly began but neither the contractor nor his workers were on site. Every time it rains we gather at a place holding ourselves - Teacher During the first visit, the headmistress of the school, Mrs Adejimi Adeleye was not around as she was said to be recuperating from an accident on her way to the school from Epe where she lives and comes from every day. However, Mrs Toyin Emupeme, a community teacher who handles four classes, nursery one to primary two, all in one classroom said it has been hell teaching the children as most of them feel disoriented both during dry and rainy seasons. According to her,” the school’s challenge is the dilapidated state it has been in. This is despite several pleas made to government to come and speed up the completion of the new school building. She added. “The big challenge is the dilapidated state of the school. We are here due to the lack of completion of the new school started in 2017. We have over 80 plus pupils here, but they were about 300 before. Parents have withdrawn their children fearing the collapse of the school building while others have totally stopped coming to school. “We have four classes in one classroom. I handle Nursery one to Primary Two. The other teacher handles the rest. In a disheartening voice the volunteer teacher said, “We are pleading to the government to come to rescue us from this suffering as many of our children have left. When asked what the government has been doing over the issue, she said, “Government officers come here once in a while from Amuwo-Odofin. However, they built another school, but have denied us moving in there. They said government never approved our movement, and this has been over two years now. “she Some pupils in one of the dilapidated class rooms lamented. Government should remove political sentiments and stop our children from suffering unduly - Bale, Igbo- Alejo For Chief Adeiye Adeborigbole , Bale of Igbo-Alejo, the completion of the new site was being delayed by the contractor, noting that rather than complete the contract, the contractor gave the excuse that community members stole his materials for the work. His words, “When the contractor came from the Deputy Governor’s office, we all stood up to assist and gave him a place where they can build the school. He set up the building and on the long run, the Contractor, Mr S .B Balogun from Epe and his company named Tikatori & Sons Company Limited worked up to a certain level and stopped. “However, we were shocked when the HM, Mrs. Adeleye came and told me that they wanted to see me and some community elders at SUBEB. Allegations of theft of materials “The first day we were asked to come, they cancelled the visit. This cancellation went on four occasions. So we said if they do not respond to our coming there, we will not go there again. Luckily, we met the chairman of SUBEB and some other personnel. There, we were told that a petition has been written against the community by the contractor alleging that community members have stolen his work materials. I told them that, was a false accusation because I personally as the head of the community stood by the contractor watching the materials. A move that earned me commendation from the contractor, that he even bought me a big torchlight.” “So the chairman of SUBEB said we have to sign a memorandum of understanding, MoU for the work to go on. I argued that I will not sign as I have a very clean heart for this project. After much appeal we signed the MoU. And since then, the contractor has continued to play hanky-panky with us. He will come, work for two days and go, only for his boys to ask us for transport money. Asked when the MoU was signed the Bale said, “That was a long time ago, getting to two Continues on page 27 *As CFP Plans conference on Edo Women negotiating autonomy The Institute for Benin Studies, Benin City (Nigeria) in collaboration with the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Benin, Benin City and Tayo Akpata Foundation, Benin City has announced an International conference to hold in Benin City, Nigeria between 18th and 21st June 2019 with the theme: Edo Women negotiating autonomy: Economy, Power and Society In a statement made available to Vanguard, it was revealed that, the image of the Edo woman has since the last decade of the 20th Century, suffered bad press on account of the alleged involvement of some women in human trafficking. “The negative image has affected the social perception of the people and their rich cultural heritage. It has compromised the legendary respect, regard and prestige enjoyed by icons of Benin history, women that are acknowledged in the best museums worldwide. “This worrying development has tended to question the existential relevance of Benin women in national and global discourse on Nigeria’s development and their contribution to global achievements and discoveries. “To understand the development of this negative image, the objectives of the conference are to probe into the history and culture of Edo societies over time in order to unravel how women have fared, the present state of women among the Edo speaking people and to publish a source and reference book on Edo women and culture, under various subthemes including the Role of Women in the development of Settlements/Communities, Edo Women and Agricultural Production, Edo Women in Arts & Crafts, Edo Women and Resource Extraction and Edo Women and Trade in Pre-colonial Edo society. “?ther themes include Edo Women in Intergroup Relations within Edo Society and the Diaspora, Edo Women and Religion, Edo Women and Politics- Succession, Titles and Regency, Edo Women, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution as well as Edo Women and Human Trafficking”, the statement reads. Contributors are enjoined to send their abstract(s) of not more than 250 words on any of the above sub-themes not later than 15th May 2019 to the Institute for Gender Studies, University of Benin. C M YK