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11042019 - INSECURITY: Senate condemns killings; insists on State Police

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38 — Vanguard,

38 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019 IEIEPC decries absence of education standard ...Holds workshop for teachers on inclusive education By Ebele Orakpo PARTICIPANTS at a one day train-thetrainers workshop have been called upon to recognise the uniqueness and difference in behavioural needs of students in creating effective classroom management strategies. The call was made by Professor Olufemi Fakolade, Professor of Special Education at the University of Ibadan while speaking at the workshop organised by the Inclusive Education and Individualised Education Plan Centre, IEIEPC, a non-governmental organisation. The workshop which held at the International Press Centre, Lagos, covered focus areas such as Best practices for inclusive and special education, Effective teaching strategies for inclusive and special education teachers, Classroom management strategies for children with special needs and Nutrition for special needs children and attracted a total of 50 teachers drawn from the six education districts of Lagos State as well as some private schools. In his welcome address, IEIEPC Director and convener, Mr. Oyeyinka Oluwawumi, said the workshop was part of coordinated public-private efforts to bridge the knowledge gap and improve the capacity and capability of both special education and regular classroom teachers to facilitate the development of potentials of children with special abilities. While decrying the absence of a standard national plan, Oluwawumi called for a modified inclusive curriculum capable of guaranteeing a sound future for the affected children. “We know that disability is not lack of ability to succeed; it only becomes an inability if necessary tools/ aids are not maximized. It is quite unfortunate that there is no standard plan in most schools in Nigeria, although some use some timetable. But then, one is obligated to ask what informed the timetable? And if teachers don’t have guides or see good reasons to have a modified curriculum to enable them specially attend to students with disabilities, how on earth do we give these *From left: Dr. Isaiah Olugbenga, Special Education, UI and training facilitator; Dr. (Mrs) Abolarin Abimbola, Lagos State Ministry of Education; Dr. Olusegun Oyundoyin, Associate Prof., Special Education, UI; Oyeyinka Oluwawumi, Director and Convener, IEIEPC and Ijeoma Ugwu, Nutritionist and facilitator at the workshop. children opportunities to fulfil their dreams and become successful?,” asked Oluwawumi whose only daughter suffers from disability. In her presentation entitled: Nutrition for Special Needs Children, a nutritionist, Mrs. Ijeoma Ugwu noted that “there is increasing evidence that many children with behavioural problems are sensitive to one or more food components that can negatively impact their behaviour.” She identified those health conditions to include Communication Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Learning Disorder, Intellectual Disability and Motor Skill Impairments. In her remarks, an official of the Child Guidance School, Counselling and Special Education Unit in the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Dr. (Mrs) Abolarin Abimbola said: “We at the Ministry level annually organise a Trainthe-Trainers workshop for our teachers, but this workshop is expanding the scope to include regular teachers. It also featured a nutritionist who has made us to understand that there are certain foods that affect a child’s ability to learn effectively. I’m very impressed,” she said.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019 —39 Foluke Stop blaming Buhari for your problems; actress, Foluke Daramola tells Nigerians Veteran Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola has advised Nigerians to stop blaming President Buhari for their misfortunes because his government is not the major cause of their problems. Speaking to E-Daily in a chat, she advised Nigerians to take responsibility for their livelihood instead of always waiting on the government to put food on their tables. “To set the records straight I don’t see a difference between when Buhari was contesting and now that he has won. What’s that significant difference that we have seen positively or otherwise? If I may ask, is it the presidency that will put food on their table or help them think beyond the surface on how to better their lots? As we speak now some people make millions on a daily basis in this so called ‘hard times’. Don’t you think there’s a fundamental action that we need to take as Nigerians, especially the youth?” She added; “As Nigerians let’s look beyond the surface and place less emphasis on our government for everything we do or get and a whole lot will change for us. If we are to do an analysis of Buhari’s win on the social media I’m sure he won’t even be in the number 1 to 10 but he won squarely. Because the youths are not acting beyond the social media and we expect a miracle of some sort as propagated by our so called “Pastors”. “I’m a strong advocate of the decentralization of power from the central to regions so we can have our space and time to look beyond the wideness of our nation and of crude oil which we have begun to do to look inwards and around us to gain from what and who we truly are.” Simi There is nothing wrong in beating your woman — Moyo Lawal *Says “Some women actually want it” By Tolulope Abereoje Curvy actress, Moyo Lawal, has shared her opinion on violence against women and it is definitely not a popular opinion. While many human rights group, feminists, corporate bodies and individuals have joined advocacy against the act, while urging victims to speak up in order to get help, the alluring actress says it is okay for a man to hit his partner. “There’s nothing wrong with hitting your woman. We women are stubborn and we need strong hands. You hit the ones you love. As funny as it sounds, some women actually want this.” Speaking further, the screen diva who once declared she is yet to compromise her celibate status because she intends to stay so till after marriage, reaffirmed her decision to remain so. She listed five common needs the present generation of youths crave for; alcohol, money, food, friends and sex, which she numbered 1-5 respectively and asked that they delete two they can stay without. She chose 1 and 5 which are alcohol and sex and went on to say she doesn’t get those two anyway. Wale Adenuga Productions, producers of popular TV sitcom, Papa Ajasco, have screened a new comic movie titled ‘Knockout’. Directed by one of Nigeria’s leading female directors, Patience Oghre, with a star studded cast including Sola Sobowale, Chiwetalu Agu, Toyin Abraham, Patience Ozokwor, Ngozi Nwosu, Jide Kosoko, Segun Arinze, Desmond Elliot, Hafiz Oyetoro, Ali Nuhu, Kenny Blaq, Charles Okocha, 9ice, Derenle Edun, Jaywon, Gbenga Adeyinka, Eniola Badmus, Ronke Oshodi Oke, among many others, ‘Knockout’ is scheduled to hit cinema screens Why my kids would get their first phones at 24- Simi Though popular Nigerian singer, Simi is yet to experience motherhood, she may have some of the necessary skills required to properly train a child in an already corrupt society. The singer who has been fueling rumours that she is expecting her first child barely weeks after her secret wedding to urban-highlife singer, Adekunle Gold, seems to be ready for the motherhood experience. According to her, when she begins to bear children she would be very strict with how she trains them. She explained that because the internet is a very scary place, she would not allow them own a phone until they are 24-years of age. “My kids will be getting their first phones at 24; the internet is such a scary place. I’m going to home school them too so that your kids can’t show them their own phones. I will be in charge of their pocket money, which of course they will use to buy bibles and educational materials. I’m ready”, she said. Wale Adenuga storms Nollywood with ‘Knockout’ across the nation on April 19, 2019. Speaking to E-Daily on the inspiration behind the movie, the producer, Wale Adenuga Jnr, explained; “We have been into the business of content production for years now, but mostly on the TV screen. But that does not mean that we have not had our eyes out there for other platforms like cinema. We couldn’t have come out at a better time because Nigerian films have been doing a very good job, they have been improving. If we came out earlier than now I might not be able to guarantee the quality of what we would have Moyo shown; it might have been something of lower quality. Wonderfully, everyone has been coming out with good things, so that geared us to say ‘if we can’t be above, we have to at least be at par’. We went through a lot of trouble just to get to the technical standard that we have now. So looking at what other people have done inspired us. We have always had the ambition of coming to the big screen, there is no question about that, and our wonderful colleagues inspired us at Wale Adenuga Productions. The fact that we also have loads of content and the knowledge that we also have so much to give also inspires us”, he said. Musicians refusing to condemn bad governance are hypocrites - Samklef Following Simi’s recent outburst condemning in ternet fraud, which eventually led to series of discussions on the matter, popular musician and producer, Samklef has advised Nigerian musicians to speak against the major problem, bad governance instead of wasting their time condemning internet fraud. The singer, who is apparently unhappy with artistes over their silence, spared no words in expressing his displeasure on the matter. “I’m not trying to say fraud is good but guess what; the leaders have been stealing from us and yet these artistes won’t come out and talk about the leaders who stole from us, who took our money to build other countries while our country is like shit. We’ve a northern leader but the north is like shit. I’ve been talking about Buhari for years, I’ve been insulting all the pres idents that haven’t been doing well. But some artistes just go on social media to say petty things because they want to trend; that is bullshit, say the truth. I’m not afraid of anybody; I’m just speaking my Samklef mind. Hypocrisy is what has been killing us in Nigeria, we’re being too fake. I’m not saying fraud is good but that is not the only problem we’re; we’ve leadership crisis where our leaders don’t know what to do. People are suffering, people are dying.” Wale Adenuga Jnr