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11042019 - INSECURITY: Senate condemns killings; insists on State Police

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44—Vanguard, THURSDAY

44—Vanguard, THURSDAY APRIL11, 2019 YOUR LUCK TODAY By Joshua Adeyemo Phone 08056180139 ARIES; Professional advice may be needed over your finances but if you are sure of what you are doing you can go ahead. Be more family minded; TAURUS; Unusual co operation may come your way today but if you are carried away by this the whole thing may change tomorrow. Respect your spouse. GEMINI; Better than yesterday. Happenings within your working arena will not give you cause to worry but situation may change tomorrow. Your finances are favoured. CANCER; Here is a day when things are meant to go according to your plans and record success. Young –at heart may be in for a romantic day. You just have to take the initiative. LEO; This is your day; although there will be some challenges within your base of operation, eventual success will be yours. Be more family minded. L E I S U R E TAKE HEART — ELLA RANDLE “When you focus and listen to your inner voice, your heart compass will turn you in the right direction. Never forget to follow. It is crucial to move in the right direction.” Debasish Mridha The only way to know for sure what direction to go in is to be well informed. You need to be aware of internal and external forces that may impact the success of your endeavors. Ella Randle TERROR MUDA in “Never say goodbye” SAYINGS OF OUR PEOPLE Money can’t talk, yet it can make lies look true. ~ South Africa By Kola Fayemi VIRGO; Even if friends have failed to live up to expectation in the recent days you will need to leave the past behind you and forge ahead. Lovers are fairly favoured. LIBRA; Recent challenges notwithstanding pleasant surprises are possible. The more financially ambitious you are today the better for your cause. SCORPIO; Better opportunities indicated for those of you willing to be as self assertive as possible, and it could turn out to be a happy day to be remembered by real lovers. SAGITTARIUS; Although you will need to keep your secrets for the next few days that is not to say you should not pursue your financial interest. Take care of your health. CAPRICORN; Don’t wait till tomorrow before you make an important move because good luck and success are closer to you today than you imagine. Be hopeful. DUDU in “ROLLING HOT” By A.O. OLAIDE AQUARIUS; Tomorrow will prove more rewarding financially but you will have good opportunity to do things rightly within your working arena. Be loving. PISCES; Some of you who are travelling purposely for love are in for rewarding day. All of you will need to take your social life more seriously. ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING Send your date and place of birth to the Astr trological Counselling, P.M.B 100 007, Apapa, Lagos What’s my birthday ruler? Dear Joshua, According to the date I was born I should be a Libran by my star but most of the time when I read horoscopes written by both yourself and foreign Astrologers Scorpio always applicable to me, why? Kindly tell me how the planets lined up when I was born and the day of the week I was born but don’t publish my date of birth. Simon, Asaba. Dear Simon, You were born on a Sunday meaning that mighty Sun rules your birthday. You were wrong to have taken Libra as your Sun sign because the Sun was placed in early degree of Scorpio together with many other heavenly bodies. Then with the Moon in Libra when you were born will equally be influential in your characteristics build up but, you are mainly a Scorpio born person. You are both an intelligent and emotional person. And as there was no planet at home when you were born, too many ideas will always struggle for prominent place in your mind, thus decision making is difficult but most times, your intelligence comes to the rescue. Certainly, you appear to other as a gentle person who can be mistaken for soft fellow but your inner self is the personality with a steel like will power. You are the consistent type who may find it difficult to change once you have made up your mind as indicated by distribution of the planets . One major challenge you have been battling for a very long time is constant worries, some times, necessarily and the other time, uncalled for, as indicated by conjunction Mercury and Saturn formed when you were born. Placement of your natal Sun (basic self head) and Moon (your sub conscious self) in Scorpio and Libra respectively are indications of your being mainly Scorpio born person and partly in Libran. And that is to say basic characteristics of both Scorpio and Libra are highly pronounced in you. VIRGINIA HOME & ABROAD By Lawrence Akapa

Vanguard, THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019—45 Reginald Ihejiahi at 60: Tribute to a ‘human being' By Emma Esinnah MOST people know Reginald Ihejiahi, immediate past Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, as a very brilliant banker. They talk about his academic exploits at ABU Zaria, where he studied accounting and London School of Economics, where he obtained his M.Sc. in Finance and went on to become a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA, of England and Wales. Many people also know he holds the national honour of Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic, OFR, and a Doctor of Business Administration, DBA, (honoris causa), UNN. Most people also know that his performance in Fidelity Bank was nothing short of spectacular. Under him shareholders’ funds grew from N3billion in 2003 to N167billion in 2013; branch network grew from 17 in 2003 to 213 in 2013; customer base went from 150,000 to 2.5million and capital base rose from N20billion to N1trillion. But the things that really define Reginald Ihejiahi are more than those. I served as head of marketing communications and his special assistant in all his 10 years as CEO of the bank. And after office, we have remained close. I have seen him in grief and in glee. As he clocks 60 years, today, Thursday, April 11, 2019, I consider myself fairly qualified to talk about him. I will proceed to highlight some lesstalked-about aspects of him: A big heart, and a large heart: About four months into Ihejiahi’s tenure as the CEO of Fidelity Bank, Prof. Charles Soludo, then CBN Governor, announced the consolidation programme that shrank the Nigerian banking industry from 89 banks to just 25 in 18 months. Most people did not give Fidelity a chance of survival. But it was something that revealed Ihejiahi’s mettle. He was able to galvanize the board and the staff to undertake a capitalization programme that astounded many. More importantly is how he managed the integration of the banks (FSB and Manny) that he brought together under the Fidelity umbrella. He truly saw himself as head of one big family, and never allowed the incidents reported in other banks where the acquiring If you banks saw the acquired banks and their staff as relate with conquered. Everybody him, he either rose or fell on their individual merit. would Insightful encourage leadership: During the 2008/2009 economic you to love meltdown, most banks your own in the country downsized. A proposal was family brought to Ihejiahi that Fidelity should lay-off 20 per cent of the staff. He rejected that. His reason was that no proper assessment had been done to determine who this 20 per cent should be. He said “if I tell you supervisors now to supply the names, you will quickly bring the names of people who are not greeting you well. The 20 per cent you want to bring their names did not cause the global melt down. So, all of us, not some of us, will bear the pain.” He then approved that everybody, including himself, should take a temporary 20 per cent salary cut. That was how everybody’s job was protected. More importantly, when the situation improved, not only that the 20 per cent was restored, but also the deduction was gradually refunded. Man of faith and self-discipline: Ihejiahi does not wear his religion on his sleeves. But his simple faith in God and devotion to Him serve as compass for his life. Throughout his first year in office, he would first attend the 6.30am church service at Falomo, Ikoyi, and still get to the office for 8.00am. In over 15years that I have worked closely with him, he has never missed a flight or been late to a meeting. At a point he was the only CEO in the Nigerian banking industry living on Lagos Mainland and working on the Island. Yet, he was never late to work. A compassionate leader: One morning in •Reginald Ihejiahi @ 60 2007, I entered his office and narrated how one of our female staff in the operations department who had closed late was attacked on her way home. I could see the agony in his face. He quickly called the Corporate Services department to arrange to buy an additional bus for the sake of staff working late - to take them to bus stops closest to their homes. That was the origin of Fidelity’s second night bus. A family man: It’s not just his family that he loves. If you relate with him, he would encourage you to love your own family. The family is so important to him that his dictum is: before you vote for the politician seeking to govern you, find out how he governs his own family. Love for community: Perhaps ones of the best stocked public libraries in Nigeria today is Eziachi Secondary School library, Orlu, Imo State, Ihejiahi’s hometown. He personally built and stocked the facility with diverse books. Beyond education, some elderly and indigent people in his community are on his roll of periodic assistance, which he does very quietly. A thinking man: One of the things that stand him out is what he calls “thinking time”. Biographies of famous leaders He must devote some time daily to uninterrupted thinking and reflection. He hardly says or does anything that he has not reflected on. A reading man: At every point in time, Ihejiahi is reading at least three books. In addition to professional books, his favorite subjects include biographies of famous leaders, history, travelogue, geography, people. It was from him I came to I know about the Peruvian writer, Mario Vargas Llosa. From him I knew about the works of Suetonius – Lives of the Caesars/The Twelve Caesars, the biographies of Julius Caesar and the first eleven emperors of Rome. A man of order: Ihejiahi does not leave anything to chance. Everything is orchestrated and choreographed with the outcome in mind. If he wants to communicate an important message to you, he would send you a text, call you to ask you if you got the text, and discuss with you and ask if there is anything you did not understand. No room for excuses. His kindness is purposeful: He believes that the best support is to assist them have a graduate. He did it for his first driver from Kogi State, who got an accountant and another graduate, in addition to retiring into his own house. His current driver’s son has also just graduated. He truly cares: Many of his former staff in the bank testify that they own the piece of the earth they occupy today because he guided them. He would call you into his office and ask you “what investments do you have?” He would remind you that your honest income is enough for you to invest and live happily if you shun living other people’s lives. He does big things: He does not settle for half measures in anything. He can’t stand small-minded people - those he calls “men of straw.” And nothing peeves him as much as seeing somebody who has been challenged with big things quarreling about small things. Continues online •Esinnah, a media executive, wrote from Lagos. You can’t win Nations Cup with Uzoho – Oparaku tells Rohr Former Super Eagles right fullback Mobi Oparaku says the chances of Nigeria winning the Africa Cup of Nations is slim because the team presently don’t have a goalkeeper they can rely on in times of difficulty. Mobi who is team manager of Nigeria Professional Football League side Heartland FC after their 0-0 draw against Plateau United, Oparaku didn’t mince words in his submission on the Super Eagles. “You can’t win the AFCON with that goalkeeper (Uzoho). It’s impossible to Impact Kiddies Basketball seeks N10m to go to Italy By Jacob Ajom Arrangements are on for the staging of the 28th edition of the Mini Basket Piazza in Italy, holding between June 16 and 22. Sixty three countries, including Nigeria will take part in the event which is meant for kids of between 8 and 12 years old. Nigeria’s participation, however, hangs in the balance due to lack of funds. Coordinator of Impact Kiddies Basketball, Joel Adams who is responsible for organising the Nigerian team to the event said money was a big problem. “We require at least N10m for the trip but as we speak, we are yet to get responses to our appeals,” Joel said, adding that the kids they have already assembled could make the country proud in Italy. Nigeria will be represented at the week-long event by a mixed team of12 kids, made up of boys and girls, three coaches and head of delegation. Joel disclosed that he has been coordinating Nigeria’s participation in the tournament in the past five years. “But in the last two years we have not been going. In the past it has been children of rich parents who always paid their way to Italy. But each time they went we don’t ernot Rohr has revealed that the Super Eagles don’t want to be among the favorites to win the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations, as it would put unnecessary pressure on the team. ‘’We had the youngest team at the World Cup but we learned a lot,’’ Rohr told a foreign fm station, Gold FM Bordeaux Métropole. ‘’We have found other young players including Samuel Kalu, he will soon come back, I hope for Bordeaux and Nigeria. We have just played two matches, we qualified for the AFCON since November.’’ The German continued : ‘’Nobody wants to be favorite of this competition, it is always a particular pressure. We are not, we are number''''. be honest and this am saying despite the fact that Uzoho originated from the state where I control most of the youth teams. He is not fit enough to be first choice”, he said. “Ezenwa is a bit better and his record for the team is decent but he isn’t someone you can rely on. Akpeyi is someone I knew right from his days at Nasarawa United. He’s a goalkeeper who feels like running away from the post whenever the Eagles are under pressure. We’ve a big problem “. win anything. That is not what our participation was out to achieve. We need laurels and glory for our fatherland. That is why I went to public schools and picked this group. These are children of poor parents. They need help.” FIFA officials arrive for Women’s World Cup trophy tour fficials from world Ofootball –ruling body, FIFA have arrived in Nigeria with the original FIFA Women’s World Cup for a trophy tour scheduled for today, in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Acting President of the NFF, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi received the officials in company with Ademola Olajire (Director of Communications), Sunday Okayi (Assistant Director, Competitions), Ruth David (Head of Women’s Football), Emmanuel Adesanya (Competitions) and other Federation officials. While Nicole Fisch (lead for women’s football project) and Sarai Bareman (chief women’s football officer) flew into Abuja aboard an Ethiopian Airline flight, Vanessa Marques (lead for marketing project) arrived aboard an Emirates Airline flight. AFCON 2019: We don't want to be favourites – Rohr G Golden Eaglets off to Tanzania for U17 AFCON F ive –time world champions, Nigeria flew out of Abuja yesterday on their way to Tanzania to take part in the 13th Africa U17 Cup of Nations taking place in that country, 14th – 28th April. Players and officials were seen off at the airport by Acting President of NFF, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi, who charged them to do the nation proud by lifting the U17 AFCON trophy in Dar es Salaam on 28th April. 2019 AFCON draw: Three countries Nigeria should avoid he Super Eagles of TNigeria were seeded into pot 2 alongside Morocco, DR Congo, Algeria, Mali and Guinea ahead of the draw for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. This means the Eagles won't face any of these countries in the group stage of the competition in Egypt. Gernot Rohr's men will draw one country from first, third and fourth pot respectively. studied the teams in each pot and comes up with a comprehensive list of top three countries the Super Eagles should avoid in the group stage if they must progress to the next round of the tournament. Pot 1: Senegal The first pot contains Egypt, Ghana, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Senegal. It consists of major powerhouses in African football but the Teranga Lions of Senegal are the team to avoid. Senegal are unbeaten in their last six games, and they are first in the FIFA ranking. The team are definitely going to be a huge test for the threetime African Champions, so it is better to avoid them at such early stage. Cameroon are better option, considering the fellow West African country were defeated 4-0 in Uyo during one of 2018 World Cup qualifying matches. Pot 3: Guinea-Bissau The third pot contains Uganda, South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, Zimbabwe, Angola and Burundi. Guinea-Bissau qualified for the AFCON tournament as group winners with 9 points and lost once throughout the qualifying series. The Super Eagles should pray to avoid the team from western part of the continent. Meanwhile, It will be interesting if Rohr's men meet South Africa in Egypt. Pot 4: Tanzania This is the last seed and it consists of Mauritania, Namibia, Benin, Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar. There is no team capable of causing harm to Super Eagles on paper, however, the West African side shouldn't underrate the power of underdogs. Tanzania can't boast of top stars but they have Emmanuel Amunike - who knows Nigeria's style of play - as manager, which is an added advantage. The Nigeria-born Tanzania manager has worked with most of the current Super Eagles players; therefore he knows how to prevent them from wrecking havoc against his team. 21 EAGLETS FOR U17 AFCON FINALS Sunday Stephen, Shedrack Tanko, Ogaga Oduko, Samson Okikiola Tijani, Clement Chigozie Ikenna, David Akulo Ishaya, Olakunle Junior Olusegun, Mayowa David Abayomi, Wisdom Ubani, Adrian Akande, Mubaraq Gata Adeshina, Shuaib Abdulrazaq, Akinkunmi Ayobami Amoo, Olatomi Alfred Olaniyan, Charles Etim, Suleman Shaibu, Peter Agba, Divine Nwachukwu, Ibraheem Olalekan Jabaar, Fawaz Abdullahi, Ayomide Oluwabusola C M Y K