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12092018 - APC PRIMARIES: Gov kick against conditions for consensus candidate

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Vanguard, WEDNESDAY,

Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 — 29 Enugu monarch's death: 62-year-old victim languishes with paralysed legs By Dennis Agbo Elder Jossy Okenwa, a 62- year-old automobile electrician, with a wife and six children is now paralysed on his two legs, confined to a wheelchair and thrown out of hospital because of his inability to continue with medical bills. His ordeal started on June 11, 2018, when he, among over 500 members of his Ogbozinne-Akpugo community in Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State, were travelling to Enugu Government House to answer the Governor's call to resolve a protracted problem the community had with their traditional ruler, now deceased, the late Igwe Stephen Nwatu. The late monarch was accused of highhandedness and obnoxious dictatorship against his subjects which resulted to intractable crises in the community. The matter failed all resolution attempts until it was taken to Enugu Government House. "On our way from the village to see the Governor, just before Amodu Health Centre, traffic built up on the long convoy, I was among the people at the back and we alighted from our vehicles to know what the problem was. As we came up, we saw our traditional ruler in the centre of the road with two hefty men by his sides. The Igwe was fuming. As a relation, (he is younger than me), I approached him and asked him what the problem was, why he was blocking the road.. I asked him to enter his vehicle and let us all go to the Government House where we were asked to come. "You needed to see the way he looked at me and the slap THE TEAM SUPERVISING EDITOR: Chioma Gabriel, Lagos (08052201257) EDITOR: Emeka Mamah, Enugu email: Anayo Okoli, Umuahia Vincent Ujumadu, Awka Chidi Nkwopara, Owerri Peter Okutu, Abakaliki Chimaobi Nwaiwu, Nnewi Nwabueze Okonkwo, Onitsha Ugochukwu Alaribe, Aba Denis Agbo, Enugu he gave me and said 'crush him!' and his jeep that was parked, zoomed off, if not for the God I worship, I would have died instantly because the driver aimed at my chest but because of a little step that I took backwards, the jeep smashed my two legs." He said that from then on, he lost consciousness and did not know what happened again as he only regained consciousness at the hospital. He said that he learnt that the infuriated members of the community later took a mob action on the traditional ruler who later died in the hospital. "I started receiving treatment at the National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu but after treatment, the bill was excess to the extent that they discharged me from the trauma section after seven days and I was taken to the ward. They said I will pay N56,000 before I enter the ward but I did not have the money so they discharged me. August Meeting: Join politics, be involved in decision-making, Mrs Ikpeazu charges Abia women •As Abia women use the meeting to exhibit their farm produce BY ANAYO OKOLI UMUAHIA—THE wife of Abia State Governor, Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu has urged Abia women to actively participate in politics and contest for elective positions to enable them to be involved in decision-making in the state. According to Mrs. Ikpeazu, the call became rife because women have demonstrated capacity to hold public office and effectively discharge their responsibilities. Mrs. Ikpeazu who spoke while addressing Abia women during the 2018 August Meeting in Umuahia, also reminded them that it was time for them to claim their “right of place in ensuring gender parity for elective positions.” She commended Abia women for shifting focus on skills, empowerment and other sustainable ventures which have enabled some of them to build collective businesses such as bakeries, water treatment and bottling plants. According to Mrs. Ikpeazu, the theme of the 2018 meeting: Women participation in decision-making, the bedrock to sustainable development, was "As I came back home, three days later, my condition got worse and I was dying and I went back to the hospital but the problem was that those who would have helped me in paying the medical bills were scattered by the police and they are all on the run and those caught were thrown into prison. I have many hands to feed, I had jobs I was doing in my workshop but here I am, on my bed. That is my tragedy." Elder Okenwa is worried that the police which is busy chasing members of the community has not even You needed to see the way he looked at me and the slap he gave me and said 'crush him!' apt as the nation prepares for the 2019 elections, particularly when “women are now more focused on emerging issues that have direct bearing on their wellbeing. “The Abia woman needs to locate the correct perspective in definition of good governance and be empowered to make the right choices about her political future. The Abia woman also needs to claim her right of place in ensuring gender parity for elective positions. “Women have over time demonstrated capacity to hold public office with credibility and above par performance. We have to go out there and expand the political horizon, promote qualitative and responsible leadership. Therefore, I call on more Abia women to come out to contest elective positions in 2019,” Mrs. Ikpeazu urged. Rural women who participated in the conference used the occasion to exhibit their farm produce which included yams, cassava, banana, plantains, vegetables, palm oil, among others. *Elder Jossy Okenwa on wheelchair asked after him to get his own side of the story in the investigation. He is also worried that the traditional ruler's driver that crushed him is still not under arrest whereas members of the community that reside in Lagos and who were not at home when the incident took place are being arrested without trace of where they are being held. He said it was regretful that the traditional ruler died out of the mob action that arose because the community thought he (Okenwa) was dead, but wants government to come to his aid and also to resolve the matter as most people have fled both their village and their business premises outside Enugu State, precisely Lagos. "I am begging in the name of God; let everybody come to peaceful settlement, let us unite once more," he pleaded. •Abia rural women exhibiting their farm produce during the conference

30— VANGUARD, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 Caught in my friend's extramarital shenanigans Dad’s ‘mysterious’ demise Dear Bunmi, TOWARDS the end of last year, I picked up the phone in my parents’ home only for a doctor in a private hospital to inform the family that our dad was seriously ill in the hospital. Instinctively, I told him I would be over without telling my mum. She was the perfect wife and mother and I was sure there was more to what the doctor told me as dad left home hale and hearty that fateful day. The doctor told me that my dad was brought in by a lady in an ambulance - dead! He’d had a heart attack in her home, while they were in bed together. I was shocked - I’d never felt such pain in my life before. How could dad do this to our mother who’d spent the best part of her life building an enviable home? Every time I think of my dad, all I picture in my mind is him in bed with this woman, holding her, sharing moments with her when he should have been with mum. How many times had he deceived the family that loved him so much? I had to tell the hospital that on no account must mum be told the truth, that we didn’t know anything about this other woman until that night. The hospital then arranged for a nurse to be with mum when she eventually saw his corpse. My dad had called earlier to say he’d be working late at the office on a major project for a client. We had to lie to mum that he was brought in from the office. I later knew who the mistress was and was shocked to see her at the funeral. She’d slipped into the back of the church like a thief and I asked for her to be bundled out. Since the incident, all the love I felt for my dad had turned into hatred. I hope he rots in hell! Beatrice, by e-mail. Dear Beatrice, In spite of what happened, you handled the incident like the matured woman you are. Of course, you are terribly hurt by what happened to your family. But as you well must have found out, married men have affairs all of the time. An affair is usually a hush-hush relationship until if and when it is blown into the open - which is seldom. Your dad obviously loved his family and sheltered you from his act of indiscretion. You’ll never know if this affair was a one-off, or if he’d been having affairs as he went along. What is important is that he was a very loving husband, hence your mother’s devotion to him, and a father who’d brought you and your siblings up to be what you are today. Of course, you’re hurt as you were obviously close to your dad. With time though, your grief would subside and memories of the good times you had with him will come back to make your hurt easier. In the meantime, banish all negative thoughts about him and concentrate on living your life the best way you can. Your dad had already lived his. My wife needs to accept this second wife Dear Bunmi, Joke and I have been friends right from our secondary school days. Despite the fact that she has always been on the flighty side, we get on well and have always been there for each other through thick and thin. She got married right after we finished secondary school about 16 years ago when she got pregnant for one of her boyfriends. But marriage has not dampened her enthusiasm for men. She has had so many affairs that a lot of our friends are suspicious of the paternity of her three children. In spite of the fact that I am now married to a man I adore and have a son, she still believes I must always be there to cover up for her when she goes on one of her popular and frequent dates. My husband almost got on to what was going on when her husband phoned the house last month to find out where she kept some documents he needed. My husband told him Joke wasn’t with us but I quickly took the phone from him to lie to Joke’s husband that she popped out and that she would call her husband as soon as she came in. I then called the lover’s mobile phone, when my husband was changing, to ask her to rush down to my place. I had to lie to my husband that we were trying to get Joke’s husband a surprise present for his birthday. Tedious, don’t you think? I love my friend but I would rather have nothing to do with the way she chooses to live her life. I‘ve warned her about the danger of too many sexual partners, but it is obvious she loves living on the edge. Mabel, by e-rnail. Dear Mabel, Friendship should not be stretched to the limit where you have to fear for your own marriage. She might be a good friend but her behaviour is not exactly endearing her to your family, since she has bluntly refused to listen to sound advice from you. I suggest you tell her you would rather not get involved with her affairs and tell her strongly how your husband feels about extra-marital affairs. For good measure, tell her that your husband has threatened to tell her husband if he got a whiff of another escapade of hers. If this does not put paid to her getting you involved in her philandering, then you should think seriously of drastically reducing your contact with her. Dear Bunmi, I AM seemingly happily married with three kids though I have two other children through an affair I had during the course of my marriage. I am in my forties and early this year, we got a maid who wanted to live with us so she could send herself to a hairdressmg school. She is not a raw illiterate and has her SS3 certificate. I’ve lusted after her since she came to the house and it was inevitable that we became lovers. What started as a fling with me has become an obsession. I’m hooked on our lovemaking. She has a fantastic body and makes me feel young again. Unfortunately, my wife found out about us and sent her away. I have since found her a one-bedroom flat and she’s now going for a hairdressing course. I’ve always told my wife that as a Muslim, I might marry a second wife. I intend to make this girl just that but my wife is now hollering that I intend to marry a maid she brought to the house. She’s just trying to trivialise the relationship. I can’t give her up. I only want to know how to go about making peace with my wife. Taofik, by e-mail. Dear Taofik, You obviously understand your wife’s objection to your taking a former maid as a wife. Since you’ve always made it clear that you might take a second wife and she didn’t object, she didn’t bargain for you falling for a maid she brought into the home. She would have wished your prospective second wife be a total stranger. After saying that, it is obvious that you love this girl and have invested heavily in her. You need to give your wife time to get to terms with your choice of a second wife. It might take her a long time to do that, but you’ll have to keep on showing her the affection and respect she deserves until she comes round, if ever. You need to give your wife time to get to terms with your choice of a second wife; it might take her a long time to do that, but you’ll have to keep on showing her the affection and respect she deserves until she comes round, if ever Colleague’s wife is a control freak Dear Bunmi, I’ve just been promoted to the post of a secretary to one of the managers in the company I work with. We joined the company together though he did at a higher level. He has always been a friend and I find him one of the most wonderful men in the world to work with. Unfortunately, he is very unhappy. He always told me about his wife’s insane jealousy and nagging. Quite frequently, we work till late evenings and my boss takes me to dinner, nothing fancy, just a meal at a decent but cheap eatery. I see no reason why I should not accept these invitations to share meals with him as he’s also my friend. But his wife objects and has the nerve to tell me to my face. Isn’t this ridiculous? Kudirat, by e-mail. Dear Kudirat, If you want to sit on a red hot stove, you are at liberty to do so. And if you want to cut your hair into a boyish look, you’re your own boss. But neither of these projects is as silly as getting yourself mixed up with a married man who talks about his wife to his secretary in a negative way. You’re obviously single or your partner would have put his foot down on such a dangerous liaison. Just remember that when it comes to the crunch, the average man stays with his wife and family. Many an unhappy girl who listens to the sad story of a misunderstood hubby has found this out to her regret. If I were you, I’d try if I could get transferred to a contented boss who isn’t interested in trying to get at you by running down his wife. Share your problems and release your burden. Write now to Dear Bunmi, Vanguard Newspapers, P.M.B 1007, Apapa, Lagos, or

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