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2019-2021 Ocean Cruises (US - August 2019)

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Did you KNOW? VIKING INCLUDES an excursion IN EVERY PORT VIKING RESIDENT HISTORIAN MUNCH MOMENTS IN THE ATRIUM KARINE HAGEN IN THE VASARI CORRIDOR, FLORENCE, ITALY ONBOARD ENRICHMENT Bringing culture and history to life ONSHORE EXPERIENCES With an included excursion in every port, plus The Viking Way of exploration We are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading cultural organizations to bring you a curated onboard experience to complement your time ashore. VIKING RESIDENT HISTORIANS® MUNCH MOMENTS showcase deliver high-level historic and cultural expressionist Edvard Munch’s art during education specific to your journey. this daily, interactive event on board. GUEST LECTURERS expertly shed light THE MET: LIVE IN HD provides on your destination’s art, architecture, Privileged Access to the Emmy geopolitics and more. Award–winning Metropolitan Opera’s filmed performances in The Theater. TED TALKS & BBC PROGRAMMING promote a deeper understanding VIKING RESIDENT MUSICIANS of the world. perform calming classical compositions throughout the ship. DESTINATION PERFORMANCES represent the most iconic cultural THE KITCHEN TABLE’S onboard cooking performing arts of the region. school lets you experience firsthand how our world-class chefs bring local DESTINATION MOVIES present a flavors from market to table. vivid window to the world. THE VIKING WAY OF EXPLORATION offers behind-the-scenes insights and opportunities that set us apart. While we feature the expected and iconic in our included shore excursions and carefully curated optional tours, we also work hard to offer our guests LOCAL LIFE, WORKING WORLD and optional PRIVILEGED ACCESS® experiences. Karine Hagen has captured some of these experiences in a series of inspiring Destination Insights videos. We invite you to view our video library at VIKING IS A PROUD PARTNER OF FOCUS FEATURES’ NEW FILM ONLY IN THEATERS SEPTEMBER 20 © 2019 FOCUS FEATURES LLC. PORT TALKS provide an overview of your ports of call through informative multimedia presentations. 14 Call a Viking Expert at 1-855-8-VIKING 15