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2019-2021 Ocean Cruises (US - August 2019)

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SCANDINAVIA & NORTHERN EUROPE ADDITIONAL ITINERARIES SCANDINAVIA & NORTHERN EUROPE ADDITIONAL ITINERARIES MAJESTIC FJORDS & VIBR ANT RUSSIA VIKING SHORES & FJORDS 8 DAYS • AMSTERDAM TO BERGEN 22 DAYS • STOCKHOLM TO BERGEN SEP 1, 8, 2020; MAY 9, 16, AUG 3, 10, 2021 MAY 13, JUN 27, JUL 18, 2020 FROM ,999 PER PERSON FROM ,998 PER PERSON Embark on an epic cruise showcasing Scandinavia and its neighboring nations when you combine Russia & the Baltic Sea and Majestic Fjords & Vibrant Cities for an unforgettable 22-day voyage, featuring overnight stays in five cities. OSLO, SWEDEN Immerse yourself in a rich Nordic heritage. From the coastal beauty of Skagen and the soaring fjords of Flåm to Oslo and Stavanger, with their rich Viking histories, you will explore Scandinavia’s most fascinating corners. FLÅM, NORWAY MAJESTIC FJORDS & VIBRANT CITIES SCANDINAVIA & THE KIEL CANAL 12 DAYS • COPENHAGEN TO BERGEN APR 2, MAY 23, JUN 27, JUL 28, 2020 FROM ,299 PER PERSON 11 DAYS • AMSTERDAM TO COPENHAGEN MAR 23, 2020 FROM ,799 PER PERSON The magnificent vistas and historic centers Visit a wide array of ports steeped in of Northern Europe are at the heart of Northern Europe’s rich past and mercantile this enriching journey. From Denmark heritage. Explore the region’s cultural to Germany and Sweden to Norway, centers, fishing enclaves and easygoing immerse yourself in lively cultures and cities, and enjoy a crossing of the fascinating astonishing beauty. EIDFJORD, NORWAY Kiel Canal. COPENHAGEN, DENMARK RUSSIA & THE BALTIC SEA 11 DAYS • STOCKHOLM TO COPENHAGEN BALTIC JEWELS & THE MIDNIGHT SUN MAY 13, JUL 8, 18, 2020; JUN 6, 16, JUL 29, AUG 8, 2021 FROM ,799 PER PERSON 29 DAYS • STOCKHOLM TO LONDON MAY 25, 30, JUN 14, 27, 2020; MAY 24, JUN 3, JUL 1, 2021 Discover Stockholm’s waterways and marvel FROM ,998 PER PERSON at St. Petersburg’s art and architecture Our most sweeping Scandinavia itinerary during a three-day stay. Explore Tallinn combines Viking Homelands and Into the and Visby, and see exquisite Bornholm. Midnight Sun. Enjoy 19 ports in 10 countries, Visit relaxed Copenhagen and experience including Baltic gems, Norway’s magnificent firsthand encounters with the world’s fjords and overnight stays in Stockholm, happiest people. ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA St. Petersburg, Bergen and London. TALLINN, ESTONIA 32 Call a Viking Expert at 1-855-8-VIKING or see your Travel Agent 33