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2019-2021 Ocean Cruises (US - August 2019)

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THE AMERICAS & CARIBBEAN ADDITIONAL ITINERARIES THE AMERICAS & CARIBBEAN ADDITIONAL ITINERARIES WEST INDIES EXPLORER 11 DAYS • ROUNDTRIP SAN JUAN SOUTHERN ATLANTIC CROSSING OCT 22, NOV 1, 11, 21, DEC 1, 11, 2019; JAN 11, 21, 31, FEB 10, OCT 30, NOV 9, 19, DEC 20, 30, 2020; JAN 30, FEB 9, 2021 FROM ,299 PER PERSON 22 DAYS • BARCELONA TO BUENOS AIRES NOV 13, 2019; MAR 15, NOV 8, 2020; MAR 11, 2021 FROM ,999 PER PERSON Call on a new port every day with our destination-focused Caribbean itinerary. Start in the heart of the Caribbean, allowing you to visit more ports and spend more time immersing yourself in rich island cultures. Immerse yourself in the fabled architecture of Barcelona and the Andalusian charm of Granada. See prosperous Casablanca and vibrant Dakar. Visit coastal Recife and exuberant Rio de Janeiro before ending your SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO cruise in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL FROM THE CARIBBEAN TO THE AMAZON SOUTH AMERICA & AROUND CAPE HORN 22 DAYS • ROUNDTRIP SAN JUAN 22 DAYS • BUENOS AIRES TO SANTIAGO DEC 21, 2019; NOV 29, 2020; JAN 9, 2021 NOV 18, 2019 FROM ,999 PER PERSON FROM ,999 PER PERSON Cruise 1,000 miles up the Amazon, Cruise around the horn from Buenos Aires immersing yourself in Portuguese-flavored to Santiago. Explore charming frontier cultural centers. Experience vibrant cities and sail into the unspoiled Beagle cultures and the lush beauty of Caribbean Channel and Chilean fjords. Stay overnight in ports. It is an enriching journey through Santiago for an immersive experience. two of the world’s most fabled regions. PARINTINS, BRAZIL PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE NEW YORK, BERMUDA & THE WEST INDIES JOURNEY ALONG THE PACIFIC COAST 15 DAYS • NEW YORK TO SAN JUAN 27 DAYS • SANTIAGO TO LOS ANGELES OCT 8, 10, 2019; OCT 16, 2020 DEC 9, 2019 FROM ,799 PER PERSON FROM ,999 PER PERSON Experience rich island cultures as you cruise Discover indigenous traditions and colonial between New York and the Caribbean. influences on this enlightening cruise along Immerse yourself in the European-flavored the western coast of the Americas. Take cultures of the West Indies. Overnights in in the region’s seaside splendor, natural New York, Bermuda and San Juan give you reserves and Inca ruins before calling on ample time to explore. HAMILTON, BERMUDA awe-inspiring Ecuador and vibrant Panama. CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO 68 Call a Viking Expert at 1-855-8-VIKING or see your Travel Agent 69