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2020-2022 Rivers - Oceans - Expeditions

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SAIL IN SCANDINAVIAN STYLE Innovative, light-filled spaces where comfort meets discovery VIKING HAS FINE-TUNED THE ART OF EXPLORING THE WORLD in understated elegance. Our ships have been thoughtfully engineered by experienced nautical architects to help you connect with your destination in every way. Graceful rooms were designed for your comfort and serenity, and light-filled spaces inspire and refresh you throughout your journey. ON OUR VIKING LONGSHIPS, experience the light and airy Atrium and the quiet corner of the Library. In the Viking Lounge, portions of the floor-toceiling windows roll away to bring fresh air in. The Aquavit Terrace is a glorious outdoor seating area at the bow of the ship. Enjoy breathtaking views of Budapest’s Parliament building on the Danube or medieval hilltop castles along the Rhine. Or enjoy a multicourse meal in the Restaurant, our upscale dining venue with panoramic windows that welcome ever-changing views. WE DESIGNED OUR OCEAN SHIPS from the inside out with your comfort and serenity in mind. We have no casino or kiddie pools; instead we created open, light-filled spaces to inspire and refresh you along your journey. Relax in the serene Wintergarden or our Scandinavian-inspired Spa. Enjoy the Explorers’ Lounge, where you can share your latest adventures with fellow travelers as you take in spectacular approaches to the Stockholm archipelago, or the temperate rainforests of Alaska’s Inside Passage. OUR EXPEDITION SHIPS were built specifically to explore the world’s most remote destinations, merging comfort and exploration in an unprecedented way. Every room is a viewing room with floor-to-ceiling windows found throughout the ship. Imagine relaxing in The Nordic Spa, lounging by the outdoor lava rock firepit or curling up in the comfort of your own stateroom, all with breathtaking vistas. These ships are the ideal place to take in the unique beauty of your destination. WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF VIKING MISSISSIPPI, we set out to create a new kind of ship for the region. Inventive and innovative, Viking Mississippi will modernize the Mississippi River. Designed with expansive windows and indoor/outdoor areas, your destination is always within reach. In true Viking style, our ship will offer clean Scandinavian design, light-filled rooms, unique public spaces, fresh regional fare and personalized service. And with the most al fresco dining options on the river, you will have more opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and scenery as you sail. TOP: THE RESTAURANT, VIKING MISSISSIPPI; 8 BOTTOM: THE AULA, VIKING OCTANTIS 9