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2020-2022 Rivers - Oceans - Expeditions

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Did you KNOW? VIKING IS EQUALLY CELEBRATED FOR what it is NOT AS FOR WHAT IT IS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: BEER & WINE INCLUDED WITH LUNCH & DINNER; ALL OUTSIDE STATEROOMS; FOR EXPERIENCED TRAVELERS WHAT VIKING IS NOT No casinos. No children. No umbrella drinks. And no nickel and diming. When most cruise lines offer a multitude of experiences to a broad spectrum of ages, we provide you with all that you need, and nothing you do not. • No casinos • No children under 18 • No umbrella drinks • No photography sales • No art auctions • No charge for beer & wine with lunch & dinner • No charge for Wi-Fi • No inside staterooms • No smoking • No waiting in lines • No formal nights, butlers or white gloves • No nickel and diming Plus, guests on our ocean ships will also benefit from: • No charge for alternative restaurants • No charge for use of launderettes • No entrance fee for The Spa • No spa sales pressure RELAXED DINING, 16 NO FORMAL NIGHTS CALL A VIKING EXPERT AT Call 1-866-78-VIKING a Viking Expert at 1-833-227-1541 17