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2020-2022 Rivers - Oceans - Expeditions

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CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: GALÁPAGOS SEA LION, SANTA CRUZ II, GALÁPAGOS HAWK JOURNEYS TO THE GALÁPAGOS Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that combines the treasures of South America’s western shores with the captivating Galápagos Islands. From Peru’s cultural capital, Lima, to UNESCO-listed Machu Picchu, you will encounter the region’s distinct and colorful culture. Then travel to the Galápagos to explore Charles Darwin’s living laboratory, coming face-to-face with the fearless fauna—giant tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, blue-footed boobies, penguins and Darwin’s finches—indigenous to these islands. COLORFUL CULTURE. ANCIENT RUINS. VIBRANT CAPITALS. These are the highlights of the South American land portion on all three Galápagos cruisetours. To further your understanding, we offer several Local Life and Working World experiences as part of The Viking Way of exploration. Start in lively Lima, continue to the Sacred Valley, spend two days in historic Machu Picchu and discover local traditions in Cuzco. EXPERIENCE THE GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS’ UNSPOILED SPLENDOR. Wildlife in the Galápagos is like no place on Earth; there are some species you will only find here. Due to the islands’s remoteness, there are no predators, which means these animals are unfazed by humans, allowing for extraordinary wildlife encounters. The Galápagos Big 15 represents the archipelago’s most diverse and iconic creatures, from bluefooted boobies and frigate birds to land or marine iguanas and the Galápagos giant tortoise. MACHU PICCHU, PERU 44 SEE MORE AT VIKING.COM CALL A VIKING EXPERT AT 1-800-2-VIKING 45