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2020 Viking World Wonders & 2020-2021 Viking World Cruise

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2020-2021 VIKING WORLD CRUISE 2020-2021 VIKING WORLD CRUISE A DAZZLING MARINE WONDERLAND. HONG KONG’S MAGNIFICENT The world’s largest coral reef system, HARBOR. Victoria Harbor, named after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef stretches Queen Victoria from its time under British some 133,000 square miles along the rule, keeps the heart of Hong Kong beating. continent’s coast. This magnificent Junks, tugs, sampans, yachts and the Star structure, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ferry commuter boats share these teeming comprises about 2,900 individual reefs waters amid a stunning natural setting. and 900 islands. During your call in Cairns, Ascend Victoria Peak for the most impressive you may choose to venture out and view of Hong Kong’s forest of skyscrapers. witness its displays of vividly hued coral Dramatic at night, an evening cruise is a and abundant marine life up close. spectacular experience. TAJ MAHAL, INDIA BALI, INDONESIA TWELVE APOSTLES, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA CULTURAL CAPITAL OF “OZ”. Celebrated for its magnificent natural harbor, the world’s largest, Sydney was founded as a penal colony in 1788. Since, it has grown from a colonial settlement into the major cultural center of Australia. During an overnight stay, experience firsthand the all-embracing welcome of Sydneysiders and one of the world’s most free-spirited cities. Admire the cultural jewel in Sydney’s crown, the Sydney Opera House, the iconic UNESCO Site nestled harborside like a gleaming white bird taking wing. Stroll the adjacent Royal Botanic Garden, one of the world’s most important horticultural institutions. Explore The Rocks, a district named for the sandstone from which its original buildings were made. Today, its historic streets are complemented by craft shops and markets. BANGKOK’S GLITTERING GRAND PALACE. The greatest collection of Thai arts and architecture in the world, the Grand Palace complex is a breathtaking maze of more than 100 gilded buildings. The extravagant complex was built over 200 years ago by the beloved Chakri Dynasty. At its heart is Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, where the nation’s most revered religious object sits upon a 34-foot throne: a stunning 26-inch Buddha of precious jade. MUMBAI TREASURES. A blend of Indian traditions and Portuguese and British influences, Mumbai is bursting with color and culture. A canvas of brilliant architecture, the enormous Gateway to India greets you at the harbor’s edge. Even more vast in scope and ornate in design, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a celebrated UNESCO World Heritage Site, blending High Victorian Gothic and classical Indian palace styles. The city was home to India’s most famous son, Mahatma Gandhi. 24 SEE MORE AT VIKINGOCEANCRUISES.COM CALL A VIKING EXPERT AT 1-888-850-6260 OR SEE YOUR TRAVEL AGENT 25