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2020 Viking World Wonders & 2020-2021 Viking World Cruise

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2020-2021 VIKING WORLD CRUISE 2020-2021 VIKING WORLD CRUISE ICONS OF THE GIZA PLATEAU. INTOXICATING ISTANBUL. Straddling Nothing can prepare you for your first Europe and Asia, Istanbul exudes a heady glimpse of the Great Pyramids of Giza. mix of Eastern and Western cultures. One The sole remaining monuments of the of the city’s most stunning centerpieces Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, they is Hagia Sophia, founded as a basilica, may have been built as royal tombs where converted to a mosque and now a mummified pharaohs were preserved spectacular museum featuring exquisite for eternity. Yet their mysteries endure as mosaics and frescoes. For a rich taste of insistently as those of the enigmatic Great Turkish culture, visit the Grand Bazaar, the Sphinx, the legendary half-man, half-lion world’s largest covered market. Wander keeping watch over the mausoleums. among its dizzying selection of carpets and fabric, and sample luscious dates or the local favorite, Turkish delight. MUSCAT, OMAN VENICE, ITALY GRANADA, SPAIN BARCELONA. EASYGOING SPLENDOR. Life slows down to a siesta pace along DUBROVNIK’S SCENE-STEALING MONTE CARLO. THE RIVIERA’S GEM. Kissed by Mediterranean breezes, Spain’s Las Ramblas boulevard, the famed WALLS. Up to 80 feet high and 20 feet The chic city of Monte Carlo in the petite Catalonian capital is a feast for the senses. pedestrian-only thoroughfare lined with thick, Dubrovnik’s stone walls have encircled kingdom of Monaco boasts some of Wide boulevards lined with stunning and cafés and shops. Step into a tapas bar to the city since before the 15th century. the world’s most exclusive shopping and whimsical architecture set the tone for a partake in a long-cherished Spanish Today, their 1.3-mile length offers walkers a beautiful old port. Throughout this city that moves to its own tempo. Our tradition, sampling small plates such as breathtaking views of terra-cotta roofs, glittering city and at the Prince’s Palace, overnight stay here gives you time to linger calamares and croquetas. You will quickly soaring bell towers and the everyday lives of you can take in the fairy-tale setting of the over small-plate tapas, a glass of bubbly embrace this convivial style of dining, Croats. But the city is not the only wonder late American-actress-turned-princess, cava and the magical buildings and parks bursting with flavor and overflowing with worth taking in from these great heights: Grace Kelly. Perhaps you will follow your of architect and favorite son Antoni Gaudí. the warm friendliness for which Spaniards the walls themselves are a remarkable feat nose to the legendary perfumeries of are known. of medieval engineering, and the azure Grasse. As we stay late in port, there will Adriatic glitters like a jewel. be time to experience the prestigious Casino de Monte-Carlo. 26 SEE MORE AT VIKINGOCEANCRUISES.COM CALL A VIKING EXPERT AT 1-888-850-6260 OR SEE YOUR TRAVEL AGENT 27