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WORK OF ART We take a

WORK OF ART We take a closer look at Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen’s favorite painting Norwegian artist Edvard Munch has a special place in our heritage; his work is featured in our onboard art collection. Historien, roughly translated as History and painted in 1916, is Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen’s favorite piece of art. Sitting centrally in the picture, the old man comes across as an authoritarian, yet is portrayed wearing worn work clothes: patchedup yellow trousers, an oversize blue coat and a simple red hat. His hands are gesticulating, as if mid-story, and the little boy next to him seems to be hanging on his every word. The boy’s clothes look new and reflect his youthfulness, which is heightened next to the ancient roots of the established oak tree towering above the pair. In the background lies a fjord with the open sea beyond. While we know that Munch painted the picture in Kragerø, it is hard to tell the exact location. Adopted by Norwegians as a symbol of national pride, the painting celebrates the landscape and the heritage central to the country’s identity. The young boy symbolizes a bright future ahead and the development the country was facing in the 20th century. The old man’s red hat references the clothes worn by those who fought for Norway’s independence at the turn of the century, and the traditional fisherman’s clothing symbolizes the importance of the fishing industry. The painting has been stolen twice, but thankfully recovered each time. It now resides in the ceremonial hall, the Aula, at the University of Oslo. Clockwise, from left: Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen; Historien (1916) by Edvard Munch is regarded as a national treasure 10 VIKING.COM EXPLORE MORE 2020