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TOP 10 PLACES To enjoy

TOP 10 PLACES To enjoy PRIVILEGED ACCESS From world-class museums to private musical performances, we share some of our exclusive Privileged Access excursions offering access to cultural treasures around the world 1 GÖTTWEIG ABBEY, KREMS, AUSTRIA Journey to a working abbey where Benedictine monks have lived and worshipped since 1083. Enjoy a welcome glass of sparkling apricot wine and a short Viking-exclusive film about monastic life. Then, delve deeper into the monastery’s rich history and splendors as you are guided through its church, museum and imperial rooms. 2 VIENNA BOYS’ CHOIR, VIENNA, AUSTRIA Tour Palais Augarten, a baroque palace turned boarding school, and meet the world-famous choir after a private concert. The perfectly pitched ensemble of around 100 young choristers continues a tradition dating to the Middle Ages. 3 LOBKOWICZ PALACE, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC This stately residence opens its doors to you, unveiling the priceless collection of one of the region’s most avid patrons of the arts. As tales of the family’s 400-year history regale you, survey its art and musical masterpieces. Lunch and a private concert are included. 4 MODERN ARISTOCRACY, WERTHEIM, GERMANY Two fairy-tale castles offer a glimpse into the life of 21stcentury nobility. At Schloss Mespelbrunn, home to Countess Gräfin Hedwig Margarete, enjoy finely smoked trout and see the regal Knights’ Hall. And at Schloss Löwenstein, the estate of the Prince of Löwenstein- Wertheim-Rosenberg and heir Princess Stephanie, sample the family’s wines and signature wild boar specialties. 5 HIGHCLERE CASTLE, OXFORD, ENGLAND Go behind the scenes during an exclusive visit to Highclere Castle, the home of TV’s Downton Abbey. Featured in select cruise extensions, the estate recalls the drama of the fictional Granthams and history of its real-life owners, the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon. 132 VIKING.COM EXPLORE MORE 2020

TRAVEL 6 TOP OF COLOGNE, COLOGNE, GERMANY On this backstage tour, head up to the roof of Cologne’s astonishing cathedral with a local guide who is part of the restoration crew. Visit the restoration workshops and venture out on the roof to see the cathedral’s Gothic architecture up close. Beyond, gaze out over the old-world rooftops and waters of the Rhine far beneath. 8 MUNCH MUSEUM, OSLO, NORWAY Get a sneak peek at the inner workings of the museum dedicated to Edvard Munch, Norway’s beloved expressionist artist. With your expert art historian, discover the life and works of this captivating artist. You will also have an opportunity to view the museum’s private collection and meet the skilled craftsmen who painstakingly prepare masterpieces for viewing. 7 THE HERMITAGE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA Get a private view of one of the world’s greatest art collections. The museum boasts some 3 million works of art and historic artifacts precious to Russia’s heritage. Only a fraction are on public display; the rest are locked away in a carefully monitored facility. Join a local guide for a tour of the public collection before transferring off-site to witness what lies within the secured vaults with a historian. 10 A TASTE OF COGNAC: CAMUS, COGNAC, FRANCE Drive with your guide through the scenic countryside to the town of Cognac, where the historic Camus distillery awaits. Following a three-course lunch and a private tour, a master blender reveals the secrets of Cognac blending before helping you create your own personal blend to take home. GAUDÍ: THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF MODERNISM, BARCELONA, SPAIN Witness the evolution of Antoni Gaudí’s creative genius as you view some of his distinctive works—from Casa Vicens, the architect’s first commission, to his unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Família. End the day at Casa Batlló, admiring its curved facades and the elaborate design within. EXPLORE MORE 2020 VIKING.COM 133