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DUBROVNIK Dubrovnik’s

DUBROVNIK Dubrovnik’s extraordinary Old Town is one of the few places today that remains completely surrounded by its ancient stone ramparts. If you can manage the hundreds of steps, nothing results in a better appreciation of the city’s narrow alleys, tiled roofs and waterside location than this photogenic circuit. The mighty walls, largely constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries, link various towers, bastions and forts. Then, if you have time left, take the cable car for a wonderful view looking down on the ocher-red city, green Lokrum Island and the deep blue Adriatic. NAPLES Architecturally rich, Naples is a rewarding discovery; the giant, medieval Castel Nuovo and the beautiful tiling in the cloisters of Monastero di Santa Chiara, for example, showcase its contrasts. However, if you have had your fill of cities, two of the world’s most significant archaeological sites are just a few miles away. Pompeii gets most of the attention, but Herculaneum is an equally evocative Roman town buried by the 79 AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and better preserved. Frescoes (including some depicting Hercules), wooden floors and even a 2,000-year-old fast-food outlet have remained inspiringly intact. 44 VIKING.COM EXPLORE MORE 2020

MEDITERRANEAN SANTORINI By all means, take the classic photo from the belvedere of the cliff-edge village of Oia, with the blue domes of the little churches in the foreground and the sparkling Aegean Sea beyond. The cable car ride back down is all part of the rewarding experience. However, one of the best ways to embrace Santorini’s remarkable topography is with a catamaran cruise around its caldera. Yes, you will be sailing inside a volcano! Hot springs, alluring beaches and a lighthouse are all part of the scene. If you would like to take a walk, head to the rocky islet of Nea Kameni, where you can ascend to the summit which is part of the sunken caldera. Clockwise, from above: The impressive walls of Dubrovnik’s Old Town; this vibrant blue is often used for decoration in Santorini; one of the fantastic frescoes on display in Pompeii; Viking Star sails close to Santorini EXPLORE MORE 2020 VIKING.COM 45