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CULTURE Clockwise, from facing page: A travel poster advertising the principality of Monaco; a botanical illustration of a Malaysian hibiscus flower; the Atrium screen on board Viking Star; an image of a stamp from Norway depicting composer Ole Bull with institutions like the British Museum, we display the most iconic paintings, sculpture and other historic artifacts from the port country. Coins: Photographs of local coins reflect the stories that a nation and its leaders tell themselves and the world. National Flowers: Curated by the Royal Horticultural Society, vivid watercolors of national flowers are displayed along with their Latin names. Photography: Viking Resident Photographer Alastair Miller has curated a collection of images depicting the striking in what locals would consider the everyday. Stamps: Expressing the cultural identity of the port country, these images include a selection from Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen’s personal stamp collection. Travel Posters: Celebrating wanderlust and the creation of cosmopolitanism, these posters feature vibrant graphic designs from the first half of the 20th century. AT SEA While cruising at sea, we take the time to celebrate our Viking heritage, as well as the ideals of discovery and exploration through travel. Norwegian Nature Photography: This collection is curated by former navigator and award-winning photographer Alastair Miller, who has captured the beauty and allure of the open sea and its surroundings in Norway. Viking Art Collection: Made up of art pieces on display on our ocean ships, this curation of work represents the finest Nordic art collection at sea. TODAY IN HISTORY Commemorating turning points in world history, as well as important moments in the history of Viking, this collection includes information about global events, artistic and literary contributions, and scientific advances that have guided and shaped our world. MUNCH MOMENTS Through an exclusive partnership with Oslo’s Munch Museum, Viking has been granted the digital rights to the entire collection of Norway’s most famous artist, Edvard Munch. The “Munch Moments” collection of images illuminates the magic of this master expressionist on board, with a daily, interactive event that showcases several pieces of his great art curated by theme each afternoon, allowing guests to gain an overview of Munch’s work. Showcasing the whole spectrum of Munch’s art, the collection includes self-portraits, his most famous pieces and paintings with landscapes, seascapes and flower motifs. As a companion piece, the complimentary Munch Moments booklet with curatorial information on the artist and his legacy is also available on board. EXPLORE MORE 2020 VIKING.COM 51