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Dale of NORWAY Famous

Dale of NORWAY Famous for its classic designs and supreme quality, this heritage knitwear brand is sold on board Viking ships. The story behind it is an inspiring tale of eco-entrepreneurialism The village of Dale is nestled between steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway. It was these natural resources that made Norwegian businessman Peder Jebsen recognize Dale as an ideal place to establish a textile production facility utilizing the valley’s potential for natural hydropower—and easy access to the finest Norwegian wool. He secured the rights for the local waterfalls, and soon afterward, steamboats loaded with new machines from England arrived. The Dale of Norway textile facility was completed in 1879 and has remained active in Dale ever since. The company grew very quickly, becoming the largest employer in the region. Skilled knitters and artisans joined the business, and it was not unusual for several family members to make their livelihood working for it, passing on their expertise to the next generation. Dale of Norway has long been recognized as the leading Norwegian knitwear brand and is known for its outstanding quality and important innovations. In 1912, based on research with different wool types, the brand introduced premium worsted wool that helped create the long-lasting quality and sumptuous feel that has remained synonymous with Dale of Norway to this day. This commitment to excellence has seen the brand sponsor the Norwegian national ski teams since 1956. BESPOKE VIKING DALE Dale of Norway has launched a collection designed exclusively for Viking including a ladies’ Viking Ragnhild sweater and a men’s Viking Tor sweater. The zipper pull on the Viking Tor is the same shape as the Thor’s hammer jewelry sold on board all Viking ships, while the Viking Ragnhild showcases the Viking brooch design on its zipper pull. The pattern for the women’s sweater was inspired by textiles on the famous Oseberg ship. ECO-FRIENDLY AND COMPLETELY NATURAL Dale of Norway has a long and proud history of environmentally NEW DESIGN A new jacket, produced by Dale of Norway and designed by Viking Executive Vice President Karine Hagen, is now available on board. The design—based on the Viking Ragnhild sweater—is offered in two colors: navy blue and light blue. Clockwise, from top: Karine models the jacket she designed in collaboration with Dale of Norway; Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen pictured wearing a sweater knit by his mother, Ragnhild “Mamsen” Hagen— the inspiration for the Dale of Norway design produced exclusively for Viking friendly products and production. Its knitwear is made with 100% natural wool, one of the most eco-friendly fibers available. In fact, it is often called “nature’s own high-tech fiber” due to its superior properties. Furthermore, Dale of Norway’s production is powered by sustainable hydroelectric energy generated by local waterfalls in the valley, and only environmentally friendly materials are used in the production of all its knitwear. Dale of Norway’s award-winning Knitshell jackets are a stylish yet technical wonder made with wool. Naturally water-repellent yarn is given a soft, windproof finish to create comfortable, sporty and elegant jackets suitable for a wide range of uses—perfect for activities such as skiing and hiking in even the harshest of weather conditions. The striking designs travel easily from the mountains to the city. 60 VIKING.COM EXPLORE MORE 2020

INTERVIEW SISSEL KYRKJEBØ The world-renowned Norwegian soprano discusses her career highlights and becoming godmother to Viking Jupiter At what age did you start singing? I started in a children’s choir at the age of nine and started to sing professionally when I was just 16 years old; I have always loved singing. What musical genres have influenced you and who were your main inspirations? The radio was my main inspiration growing up. My brothers listened to Pink Floyd, Queen, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Kate Bush, Genesis, Manfred Mann and so on, while my parents loved Scandinavian pop, country music and Tom Jones. I remember I found a classical album, and I think I was the only one who listened to it. I loved to dance and sing along when I was home alone. Kate Bush’s album Lionheart was the first album I ever bought; it was a big moment for me. And then, at the age of 11, I suddenly heard Barbra Streisand on the radio singing “Memory” from the musical Cats, and I was lost. I thought: If she can sing like that, I can too. So, I started analyzing her technique and she became my first vocal coach, without ever knowing. What was the most memorable moment in your career? There have been so many. Singing during the intermission of the Eurovision Song Contest was in many ways the real start of my career. Then the ceremonies at the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Christmas in Vienna, and Moscow with Plácido Domingo and José Carreras are also extremely memorable. And of course, it was so special when the great composer James Horner chose me to work with him on the score for the movie Titanic. What is your all-time favorite song? That is a really tricky question. I have to admit, I do not have one— it always depends on my mood. Would you say that the Viking ships help to promote the Scandinavian heritage? And if so, how would you best describe this? What Karine and Torstein Hagen have achieved is just incredible, and as a Norwegian, I am so proud when I visit the ships. For us Scandinavians, they easily feel like home. The Norwegian and Scandinavian interior, design, culture and food are solid throughout the fleet—they are in the details, in the atmosphere. And guests are even greeted by Clockwise, from above: Sissel performing on stage; Sissel takes part in the Float Out of Viking Jupiter people standing dressed in some of our national costumes. This is looked upon in Norway as most honorable as they are the outfits we wear for special occasions. How do you feel about becoming godmother of Viking Jupiter? When Karine and Torstein Hagen asked me, I felt so honored that they trusted me to become a godmother to their dear Viking Jupiter. I have sung at many of the other Naming Ceremonies—and I thought that in itself was an honor—so this is very overwhelming. I feel I am part of the Viking family. What is your favorite area on board the ocean ships? The Spa and the Explorers’ Lounge. What are your favorite memories from sailing on Viking Jupiter? At the shakedown, when I was with my friends and my family, and everyone was so happy. To have this opportunity to be together, enjoying it with them, was the memory of a lifetime. EXPLORE MORE 2020 VIKING.COM 61