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Clockwise, from above:

Clockwise, from above: Budapest’s breathtaking Parliament Building; vineyards in the scenic Wachau Valley organ concert that takes place during select months of the year. It is an unforgettable experience listening to the range of sounds produced by the organ and its more than 17,000 pipes. And who can forget medieval Regensburg, where you can visit match our destination, such as schnitzel and apple strudel in Austria and local sausages washed down with regional beer in Germany. While it is undeniably steeped in romance, the Danube is also a major historic working waterway EACH NIGHT, WE WOULD INVARIABLY SWAP TALES OF THE RIVER OVER MOUTHWATERING MEALS the world’s oldest sausage tavern, sample the local sweet mustard and see the quaint 12th-century stone bridge, the oldest in Germany? Unlike on oceangoing cruise ships, Viking is happy for people to buy local wines to enjoy on board; although with complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks at lunch and dinner, there is always an included local offering on board. Each night we would invariably swap tales of the river with our fellow guests over mouthwatering meals that were often themed to that has shaped all its adjoining countries socially and economically, making this cruise a wonderfully scenic journey and a truly captivating cultural experience. GETTING THERE: The eight-day Romantic Danube itinerary sails from Budapest to Nuremberg, or in reverse. Go online: Watch a video of the Romantic Danube itinerary at 66 VIKING.COM EXPLORE MORE 2020