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Inaugural Voyages: Expeditions

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HORNSUND, SVALBARD VIKING INCLUSIVE VALUE A cruise fare that includes everything you need AT VIKING,we believe you should not have to open your wallet every time you want a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or an excursion ashore. Our goal is to provide you with more for your money, so we have designed our cruises to include everything you need, from meals and beverages to shore excursions and free Wi-Fi—all for a single cruise fare. Likewise, our expeditions offer all the amenities you have come to expect from Viking and more: chartered flights to hard-toreach locales; Viking Excursion Gear for land and sea excursions; and your own Viking Expedition Kit for complete comfort while exploring. How are we able to offer this kind of value? As a leading river and ocean cruise company, we already have an operational base that permits us certain efficiencies of scale. This allows us to leverage worldwide buying power when it comes to operational costs. The efficient, state-of-the-art design of our ships with our Nordic Balconies maximizes your personal space without wasting a square inch on extras. Everything is managed according to our rigorous company standards, resulting in significant savings that we pass on to you. It all adds up to the very best value in cruising. SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 3.3% WHEN YOU PAY VIA ,an electronic debit to your checking account—as quick, convenient and as easy providing a credit card number. 34 VIKING.COM

WHAT VIKING IS NOT We do not try to be all things to all people — which means we can focus on delivering especially meaningful experiences to you While most cruise lines are building bigger and more over-the-top ships offering a multitude of experiences to a broad spectrum of ages, we provide you with all that you need, and nothing you do not. • No casinos • No children under 18 • No umbrella drinks • No photography sales • No art auctions • No charge for beer & wine with lunch & dinner • No charge for alternative restaurants • No charge for Wi-Fi * • No charge for use of launderettes • No entrance fee for The Nordic Spa • No spa sales pressure • No inside staterooms • No smoking • No waiting in lines • No formal nights, butlers or white gloves • No nickel and diming *Connection speeds may vary. CONTACT YOUR TRAVEL ADVISOR 35