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Inaugural Voyages: Expeditions

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AWAKEN EACH MORNING TO NEW SURPRISES WHAT IS ON THE HORIZON TODAY?A whale pod, penguin colony, calving glaciers? Amidst a beautiful backdrop of ice, rock, snow and sea, you may encounter any number of new sightings and experiences. Exploring, learning and sharing is all in a day’s work on the “Last Continent.” VIKING EXPEDITION KIT Specialty outerwear and other expedition equipment is included with your fare, so you can experience your destination in total comfort. KAYAK AMONG GLACIERS These intimate vessels allow you to experience your surroundings up close. The distinct crackling sound of glacial ice is something to remember. EXPLORE MORE ON BOARD As with all Viking ships, your expedition vessel also functions as a classroom where you can learn more about your destination for an enhanced experience. PARTAKE IN A SHORE LANDING Take a short zodiac ride to a pristine, snow-covered beach while seals nap in the distance. It is an indescribable moment. OBSERVE YOUR DESTINATION Enrichment and science continue on shore; make notes to discuss with Viking Resident Scientists back on board. DINNER & DAILY BRIEFING Get details on tomorrow’s activities: perhaps a RIB tour and a shore landing. Then, enjoy a healthy, hearty meal. 40 VIKING.COM GENTOO & CHINSTRAP PENGUINS

“ I may say that this is the greatest factor—the way in which the expedition is equipped—the way in which every difficulty is foreseen, and precautions taken for meeting or avoiding it. Victory awaits him who has everything in order.” – Roald Amundsen 41