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Inaugural Voyages: Expeditions

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THE VIKING DIFFERENCE Destination focused & culturally enriching. THE THINKING PERSON’S EXPEDITION Created for curious, experienced travelers. EXCLUSIVE SCIENTIFIC PARTNERSHIPS Viking Resident Scientists provide invaluable insight. EXPEDITION EXPERIENCES Shore excursions designed to take you closer. FROM RIVERS TO OCEANS—NOW PERFECTING THE EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE Exploring the world in comfort SAIL IN SCANDINAVIAN STYLE Innovative, light-filled spaces where comfort meets discovery. EXPEDITION EQUIPMENT A variety of ways to explore—at no extra charge. NORDIC BALCONY STATEROOMS & SUITES 24 Bringing your destination as close as possible. THE BEST DINING CHOICES AT SEA Choose from six dining options, all at no additional charge. AWARD-WINNING SERVICE Thoughtful attention from our Swiss-trained, English-speaking staff. VIKING INCLUSIVE VALUE A cruise fare that includes everything you need. WHAT VIKING IS NOT No casinos. No children. No umbrella drinks. And no nickel and diming. 6 8 10 14 16 22 30 32 34 35 FINSE TERRACE